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Lyricist is the best songwriter software I’ve come across. It has been billed “the songwriter’s best friend” and I have to admit that this phrase is justified.

There is no need to make songwriting a hassle. Well with good tools it won’t be. I’m referring to all the tools that a songwriter needs to make the songwriting process an easier and more productive one. Tools that will help a songwriter write better songs.

Lyricist comes with many essential tools. These include chord charting, chord wizard, a thesaurus, a built in rhyming dictionary, song arrangement and a spell checker. Lyricist even gives you the ability to organize your songs into album categories.

It also comes with an online copyright link feature that makes it very easy to copyright your songs online. One feature I’m really impressed with is the chord charting feature.

What’s nice about Lyricist songwriter software is it’s affordability. I don’t know about you. But with all its great features, I think that the price of Lyricist software is very reasonable.

To get the most out of your lyric writing you need a piece of songwriting software that is fun and easy to use. I have found Lyricist to be a lot of fun. This certainly helps bring out creativity. You need to be in the right frame of mind to be truly productive and this is where Lyricist songwriting software comes in.

I am very excited about Lyricist software. If you’ve been reading the various articles on this site you will notice that it gets my highest recommendation. Click here to check it out.

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