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Music marketing tips and ideas – Indie Artist D.I.Y Smartkit Review

Indie Artist DIY SmartkitI received an email from Chris Standring asking whether I’d be interested in taking a look at his marketing program, The Indie Artist D.I.Y. Smartkit. He was nice enough to send me a free copy.

It took me an entire two weeks before I looked at it. It gets so busy around here. I had come across Chris Strandring’s very informational websites and his work, so I downloaded the course hoping for something of value. Something that could help me as well as visitors. If it were good, I would surely tell my site visitors about it. If it were not, like the many others I get in my inbox, I’d send it straight to the recycle bin.

It turns out, The Indie Artist D.I.Y. Smartkit was impressive. It is precisely the message artistes and musicians need to hear today. It goes into great detail and is loaded with timely tips and ideas on music marketing, web promotion, putting together a street team, record deals and keys to achieving success in the music business. It contains valuable resources like a “game plan blue print”, a label directory and contract templates. Since I love to learn via audio, I found the audio interviews very valuable.

In particular, I found the Web Promotion section very informative. This is a real money making section. It contains lots of important tips and guides on setting up a successful website. However, if you’re new to Internet marketing you may want to consider getting the help of a webmaster.

Chris Standring’s Indie Artist D.I.Y. Smartkit rejects outdated thinking. Unlike ebooks that provide you with ideas that use to work, this kit provides you with music marketing tips and ideas that work now. It shows you the steps you should take to get ahead in the new music business.

Any artiste, band or musician looking to rise to the top will certainly gain a lot from Chris Strandring’s kit. Here’s an experienced, successful musician who walks the walk.

I expect to return to The Indie Artist D.I.Y. Smartkit over and over again. It’s really not something you read once and then put aside. It’s like an independent artist bible.

Chris brought many things to light in this Smartkit. By following some of the suggestions, I can already visualize my career as an artist taking an enormous leap for the better. As a serious musician/artiste, I expect nothing less.


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