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MasterWriter 2.0 – (Top Recommendation)

Masterwriter Songwriting SoftwareHaving used MasterWriter 2.0 songwriting software, I must say I’m very impressed. It’s like having a team of songwriters helping you write your songs. Sometimes you’re writing a song and just can’t find the right word to end a line. Sometimes you just can’t find a word that rhymes or the right phrase. With Masterwriter, all this is a non-issue.

It comes with a number of unique features and opens up a world of possibilities for the songwriter. Thanks to its rhyming dictionary containing over 100,000 entries, no longer will you have to struggle to find the right rhymes when writing a song. If you don’t find a rhyme that works, you you have the option of using close rhymes. There’s a pop-culture dictionary with over 11,000 icons of American and world culture.

MasterWriter 2.0 features a dictionary of over 35,000 phrases, cliches, idioms, saying and word combinations. This can really jam-start the creative process and help you write better songs. With its state-of-the-art database you can keep track of all the lyrics, melodies and information related to the songs you’ve written or are writing.

The “Audio” tab with markers and integrated lyrics view is one of the best parts of the program. The separate “Sketch” tab is a great idea as well. I found the “Word Families” feature to be very useful as well. You can replace overused words, or you can intensify them if you like.

Masterwriter songwriting software is a must-have for any serious songwriter. There’s a free trial download at the Masterwriter website. You get a discount for ordering through


songwriting softwareThe right songwriting software will facilitate the songwriting process and help you write better songs.

Every songwriter wants to write better lyrics. Perhaps this is why you’re reading this. Well unlike years gone by, a song writer does not have to depend solely on pencil and paper, pen and paper, or even writing on a cocktail napkin. (I borrowed the cocktail napkin part from Tom Boyles of the Paris Directory.)

I’m sure you’ve scribbled words on a napkin before. No? Not that scribbling words on a cocktail napkin is bad. But how does it compare to good songwriting software?

Songwriting software to the rescue!

Who doesn’t want an easy way out? As far as I’m concerned, this is what it is. An easy way out. You still need brains but laying your hands on the right piece of software can make the songwriting process more productive and more enjoyable.

If you’re not using songwriting software right now, I would urge you to try it out. It will certainly stimulate your creativity. At least I know that it has helped me personally. I now have less problems with “Mr. Mental Block”. Quality song writing software should take you from start to finish when you are writing songs. From ideas to even promoting your songs.

lyricist songwriting softwareThe piece of software which has really made me appreciate the value of songwriting software is none other than Lyricist. I know now that I don’t need to have a hundred and one gadgets to do what I want to do.

The Lyricist provides me with features like a built-in rhyming dictionary, thesaurus and spell checker, to name a few of the basic stuff I like using. I bang my head on the wall a bit less now, because of that.

Apart from features like being able to organize all my songs into albums, being able to copyright my songs online and being able to swap songs with my friends via email, I particularly like the Chord Charting feature. There’s so much I like about this feature, but I won’t include all of them here.

The least I can say is that it consists of about 4,080 chord symbols. We’re talking about 650 different chords with up to six voicings per chord! I can certainly use that.

I have found that sometimes, while trying out stuff on my instrument, I would play a chord which sounds great but I wouldn’t know exactly what chord it was. This piece of song writing software takes care of that for me; just like they say on the Lyricist website.

Learn more about Lyricist.

If you’re like me, and really want to write better songs, all I can say to you is to learn more about Lyricist songwriting software and all its awesome features. This is exactly what I did and I ended up with a great piece of software and a great friend. I see the Lyricist as the best songwriting software one can find and I don’t regret getting it. In fact, I highly recommend it!

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