Recommended Songwriter and Musician Related Products


Recommended products for songwriters and musicians

As a serious songwriter or musician it’s wise to invest in your craft. When you buy products that help you improve or facilitate your career, it’s money well spent. You’re planting a seed and you’re bound to reap the benefits.

Here are some of the products as well as musical equipment stores I recommend. Check them out below.

1Songwriting Books Here’s a list of some of my favorite songwriting books. These books will go a long way in helping you improve. Click here for a list of recommended songwriting books.

I recently released two songwriting books loaded with songwriting tips and advice that you should definitely check out. I have decided to  offer them at a very low price for now. Learn more.

  1. Click here to check out my new book, Songwriting For Beginners.
  2. Click here to check out my other new book, Songwriting Success.

2: Singorama is one of the best works I’ve come across on learning to sing to a professional standard. If you’re looking to take your singing to a higher level, you owe it to yourself to check out this learn to sing training package.

3: gets my highest recommendation for an excellent resource on playing the electric guitar. Click Here! for the best electric guitar lesson I’ve come across on the Internet for beginners and advanced players. You will find out why I rate them highly.

4: For those interested in learning how to play keyboard and piano, the course I recommended is Piano For All. What I particularly like about this one is its uniqueness. It’s not like those other online keyboard lessons that give students false hope. Learn how to play keyboard with Piano For All here.

Other Option For Learning How To Play Piano & Keyboard

Rocket Piano – Learn Piano Today!

5: Here are the two online musical instruments online stores I recommend. These retailers always have specials and discounts available, as well as shipping over a certain amount of dollars spent. You should be able to find great deals on music gear.

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