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Taking your songwriting to the next level with song writing help.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase songwriting help? This could mean many things, but the bottom line is that someone is probably looking for help to write a song or to advance his/her songwriting career. Here are some of the things I associate with this song writing help phrase.

#1: Songwriting articles which provide tips, techniques, ideas, advice and suggestions on the craft of songwriting.

#2: Songwriting software geared towards facilitating the songwriting process.

#3: Collaboration: Someone may be good at writing music and melody and may be looking for someone who is good at writing lyrics, or vice versa.

#4: Songwriting books: These can go a long way in providing the song writing help that you need, to develop your craft.

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Songwriting help – Songwriting articles.

Throughout this site, I have attempted to provide you with relevant information on the craft of songwriting. I hope that you enjoy them, find them useful and actually gain from them. I never expect this site to be finished and will keep adding information which I consider to be important to you. I hope that you keep coming back. Don’t forget the address. It’s

Song writing help – Songwriting software.

Laying hold of some good songwriting software may help enhance your songwriting craft. Some of the best songwriting software available today includes features such as a built-in rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker and chord charting. This is just some of the basic features that songwriting software comes with. Lyricist is one of my favorites. Click here for some more information on Lyricist songwriting software.


You may be good at one aspect of songwriting and be lacking in another. For example, some folks excel only at lyric writing while some excel at writing melodies. In such situations my advice would be to collaborate. This should involve a mutual relationship. Concentrate on what you do best and let somebody else handle the areas where you’re weak. You may be surprised at the giant leaps that your songs will take.

Songwriting books.

Writers such as Pat Patterson, Sheila Davis, Jason Blume and John Braheny are among my favorites where books about the songwriting craft are concerned. Their books won’t teach you how to write a song but they will certainly provide guidelines that you can follow. It’s important to educate yourself as much as you can.

I have listed some of the best songwriting books here. Take a look.

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