Ten Major Song Writing Contests


Here is a list of some of the popular song writing contests available today. This list does not mean endorsement by UltimateSongwriting.Com. As always, make sure you do careful research before participating.

#1: Great American Song Contest
– www.greatamericansong.com
This song writing contest takes place annually, and is sponsored by Songwriters Resource Network.

#2: The John Lennon Songwriting Contest
– www.jlsc.com
A contest for professionals and amateurs. It takes place annually and is divided into 12 genres. It’s certainly one of the most popular songwriting contests.

#3: USA Songwriting Competition
– www.songwriting.net
This song writing contest is promoted in six languages and fifteen genres.

#4: The Unsigned War Music Contest
– www.unsignedwar.com
A song contest for unsigned music groups, artists and lyricists.

#5: The SIBL Project
– www.unsignedwar.com
A songwriting contest which seeks to promote the need for adult literacy programs and funding them. SIBL stands for Songs Inspired by Literature.

#6: Cooch Music
– www.coochmusic.com
Many songwriting contests include both amateurs and professionals. Here’s one which is only for amateurs.

#7: UK Songwriting Contest
– www.songwritingcontest.co.uk
This is an annual songwriting competition that takes place in the UK. You can win prizes such as publishing deals and recording contracts.

#8: Goodnight Kiss Song Contest
– www.goodnightkiss.com
Songs should be based on stories. Personal stories are welcome.

#9: Dallas Songwriters Contest
– www.dallassongwriters.org
This songwriting contest, based in Dallas, takes place annually …. On-going lyric contests.

#10: American Songwriter Lyric Contest
– www.americansongwriter.com
Song competition takes place twice a month and they offer a yearly grand prize.

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