Music Home Based Business Ideas


The following are music home based business ideas. These are businesses which you can operate from home. I am a musician who works from home and highly recommend it myself.

My favorite  is building music related websites. The website you’re now on, is a perfect example. This site, built by myself is one of 6 other music related sites that I operate from home. I share ideas and write articles on several musician related topics. I recommend products and receive commissions when visitors buy these products. I also make money via the google adsense program. I love working from home. I make a full time income and don’t have to commute. I love the freedom that it provides. I am free to undertake other tasks because of the way it frees up my time.

Another music home business model is becoming a music tutor. You can teach music from home. All age groups (not only kids) are interested in learning to play an instrument. With a good number of students, you can earn a part time or even full time income as a home based music teacher. If you’re diligent enough, it can get to a point where you would need to hire the services of other teachers. Then you can be said to really be in business. Working from home means that you do not have the high overheads of renting commercial space.

Another home based music business idea is to start a home recording studio. Some of the hit songs you hear on radio were made in low budget home studios. Thanks to technological advancements, a home studio can easily rival that of more expensive full-fledged ones. If you have already developed that skill why not leverage your talent and make money from home recording artistes and musicians. If you’re not yet versed at recording it may be something you would want to look into. Some of my musician friends have gone into recording from home, full time. Some of my own songs have been recorded in such home studios.

The music industry has changed. There is not much money to be made from CD and music sales any more. This model has died out. Now is a good time to create a music home based business. As I said earlier, the one I recommend the most is an online music business. Monetize your knowledge. You can start a website and share your knowledge or passion with the world. The great thing about this kind of business is that it is passive. When you generate passive income you get paid even when you’re not working. Your website earns you money even while you sleep. The opposite of this is active income. With active income, you get paid only when you work. This website generates passive income. I still earn money from articles I’ve written many years ago. This article I’m now writing will earn me income for years to come.

If you’re considering the home music business route, I commend you.

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