Music Careers That You Can Pursue


The number of music careers ( music industry careers ) that can be pursued nowadays is amazing. There is no need to limit yourself to playing music. You can pursue other careers. No matter what your music interests and experience are, there is a world of opportunity that awaits you.

Some of the music industry careers that can be pursued include:
  • careers in contemporary writing and production,
  • careers in film scoring,
  • careers in music business/ management,
  • careers in music education,
  • careers in Jazz composition,
  • careers in music therapy,
  • careers in music synthesis,
  • careers in music production and engineering,
  • careers in record companies,
  • careers in professional music,
  • careers in performance,
  • careers in tours and
  • careers in songwriting.

These are just general areas that you can check out. There are many music industry jobs that fall under each of these categories.

Maybe you have been playing for a while and want to venture into something new. Well this is the beauty of music. The opportunities are endless. If you’ve got talent besides playing music, you should certainly give other music careers a shot. The choice is yours.

It is good to know all you can about the music business if you want to pursue a music industry career. Educational qualifications will take you one step further, and are highly recommended.

However music qualifications are not absolutely necessary. Many of the most famous artists and music professionals never had any educational qualifications. They are self taught and learned by perseverance, hard work and determination.

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