Music Business Tips – How To Make It In The Music Industry


Music Business Tips

The music business is very complex. Whether you’re a musician or a songwriter, you must equip yourself with various tools if you want to survive. How do you get your foot into such a saturated music industry?

I present you with a few tips.

#1: Create a niche market for your music.

You must decide between competing against the big boys in the music industry and creating a new market for your music.

Many musicians become successful by channeling their focus to a new market. Instead of ‘fighting’ to get a piece of the existing music marketing pie, they venture out to make the pie bigger.

They focus on niche markets which their competitors have neglected or have not considered. The children’s music market is one example of such a niche market. It all depends on your individual situation.

#2: You must have a plan of action.

If you don’t have a sense of direction, you will not make it in the music business. Producers, managers, record companies, booking agents and publishers like to work with artists who have their career goals clearly established. They may not work with you if you don’t fit that criterion. You have to take that first step before anybody can help you. If you have no career goals, you will never know whether or not you’re making progress.

#3: Make an excellent first impression.

Whenever you present yourself or your product to someone, you should make an excellent first impression. You will never get another chance to do that. An initial impression can mean a contract, a contact, or sadly, the door. You want the best, so give out your best. A first impression could either make you or break you.

Set a foundation for further success and progress in the music industry, by creating an overwhelming and compelling first impression.

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#4: You must demonstrate talent.

If you want to make it in the music business, you must take time to develop your talent. The music industry is very saturated. Everybody wants to be a star. You must ensure that you stand out from the pack.

Everyday, record companies are bombarded with sub-standard demos from so many wanna-be musicians. This music finds its way to no where else, but the trash. Your music must be up to standard if you must succeed in the music business. You must demonstrate talent!

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#5: Create perceived value.

Customers don’t buy value. They buy the perception of value. This is particularly true in the music business. What this means is that you must create perceived value when you sell your music.

When you’re selling your CD, you may want to think of including a separate CD with the main one you’re selling, keeping your costs low at the same time. Your additional CD (bonus CD) may contain as little as one track, but it will help to increase the perception of value.

Make your customer feel that she is getting more than her money’s worth. Who doesn’t want ‘two for the price of one’? How about simply including extra tracks (bonus tracks) on your CD?

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#6: You really can’t make it in the music business without adequate promotion.

Music promotion is an integral part of the music business. Having the greatest talent in the world is futile, if no one ever hears about you. You may hear a song on the radio and wonder -how did that get on the radio? You want to know how? PROMOTION.

The top songs on the radio are not necessarily the best ones. They are often the ones which were promoted the best. There are many good products out there. The ones with excellent promotion will win the race.

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