Lyric Writing Tips


Lyric writing tips

1. Get lyric writing ideas from activities happening around you.

You can get lots of lyric writing ideas by listening to conversations and monitoring activities happening around you. Sometimes a simple statement that someone makes can lead to that great hit you’ve been longing to write. There are lyric ideas all over. The radio, television, movies, magazines and newspapers are some of the many sources.

Lyric writing tips

2. Start by writing down your thoughts as ideas or in the form of a story.

It’s not always necessary to start with lyrics. You could probably write out your thoughts as a story or a list of ideas. After you’ve done this, begin transforming these ideas or story into lyrics and rhyme.

3. Try different rhyming patterns or formulas.

Don’t limit yourself to making the last word of every line rhyme. How about making the line rhyme halfway as well? On the other hand, sometimes lines fit very well together and there is no need to rhyme.

Songwriters and lyricists often struggle to make a line rhyme with a previous line. Solution? Instead of banging your head on the wall to get a rhyme, work on the previous line.

4. Something else about rhyming.

If you want your lyrics to sound original, you should stay away from rhymes which have been overused. In addition, your rhymes should not appear to be forced. Avoid fitting words at the end of your lines just because they rhyme. Your rhymes should flow naturally into your lyrics.

5. You don’t have to put yourself under pressure.

Don’t worry about finishing a song on one seating. You can keep jotting down lines on a notebook, as they come. Don’t pressure yourself. Keep adding those lyrics and eventually you will be able to pick up the best ideas, phrases or lines and complete your lyric writing exercise.

Lyric writing tips.

6. The more you write, the better you get.

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you keep writing lyrics all the time, you will only keep getting better. One way to ensure that you don’t neglect your lyric writing is to set aside a regular period everyday to write lyrics. Early in the morning is probably one of the best times.

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