Independent Music Promotion Tips


Independent music promotion tips

1. Upload your music on YouTube.

This is very easy to do. If you have a music video it’s even better. But if you don’t you can use programs like Windows Movie Maker to create a “video” with still pictures and your audio. If you have a windows computer it already comes with that program. Upload your music on YouTube and link to it from your Facebook account.

2. Promote your music on Facebook

Facebook should be a big part of your independent music promotion. As an independent artiste a Facebook account is a must, whether you like FB or not. Hundreds of millions of people are Facebook users. It is very easy to set up a Facebook account if you don’t have one as yet. Just go to and sign up. If you already have an FB account, you need to update it regularly. In addition to your regular account you need to set up an artist Page. With a regular account you’re only allowed 5,000 friends but with a Page any number of people could become a fan. Link to your artiste page from from your main account.

3. Set up your own website

It is even more important to set up your own website. You need to learn the right way to set up a website. Just having a website for having a website sake makes no sense. You need to learn how to build a website that gets a lot of traffic. For this I recommend WordPress.

4. Give your music away for free

One way to promote your music is to give it away for free. Allow fans to download your music for free on the Internet or if you have a mailing list, send them an mp3 or download link. By giving your music freely, there is a possibility that your song can become popular. How do you make money? You make money when you perform live. Hopefully your song will become so big that promoters book you to do live shows.

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