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Learn how to write music lyrics. The following are tips submitted by visitors to our website. As always feel free to take those you like and discard the others.

Visitors submit tips on how to write lyrics. Please feel free to submit your own lyric writing tips.

Emj from Bournemouth, United Kingdom writes: I would strongly recommend that every time you experience a strong emotion deep inside, you take your note book and dictaphone to a quiet place where no one else is around and belt out a few ideas which describe how you’re feeling. It works for me every time… Good luck everyone!

Tod from Camilla, United States writes: It helps me to think of lyrics to a song when I’m playing the guitar and my friend Zack is just freestyling. After singing for a while, we write down what we have come up with so far. So freestyling is good for me to use!!!

Info on how to write music lyrics, learn how to write lyrics.

Christina from Cranston, United States writes: If you think you sound stupid speaking in the first person all the time, write it from the second or third person and give it a story theme.

Precious from Cherry Hill, United States writes: When traveling some where out of your comfort zone, like to a different state, bring your notebook or whatever you will use to write, and look around you. Ask people about their life, and for those who are willing to tell you… listen and make a comparison to your own life or life in general. Then find some where quiet or busy (your choice) and write. The ideas will pour out of your pen. Have a safe trip home =)

Tips on how to write music lyrics, learn how to write lyrics. 

Mark from Jackson, United States writes: Never doubt the fact that you are your toughest critic and that most likely you will be the toughest person to please with your own words.

Des from Birmingham, United Kingdom writes: I am fairly new to the songwriting game and I have finally found some much needed help on lyrical technique from you. Cheers. Up to now I’ve been dismissing partly written songs in my quest to find a song that makes the world stop and listen. Having read these pages I’ve found a new sense of direction within lyrics. Next step is to see if this help has actually worked!!!

Staplecake from Gunnedah, Australia writes: I’m a guitarist and I write instrumental music. One exercise I like to do is turn on a movie or just anything on tv and mute it. I try to improvise something that goes with what I’m watching and record it on a tape. I’ve come out with some pretty abstract music doing this.

TAYY’ from Houston, United States writes: A useful tip of mine is to write a song at least three or four times, cutting and pasting along the way. By the time the fourth (or final copy) is complete, read it over two to three times and it should be to your satisfaction then.

Megan from New York City, United States writes: It may be a good idea, if you can’t think of anything at the moment, to put a song aside for a couple of hours or days. Then you will have time to clear your mind and you may get some new ideas.

Erica from Southwich, United Kingdom writes: If you’re thinking about something, or if you have a certain emotion going through your head, try to listen to music that gives you the opposite feeling. That way you avoid copying other people’s work.

Tips on how to write music lyrics:

Veronica from Schuylkill Haven, United States writes: Perhaps if you had a very interesting dream or dreams, write about them. And if you don’t remember the entire dream and just the beginning or just the ending, try to fill it in with what the other parts of the dream/dreams were about. Or possibly use art (paintings, drawings, graffiti, etc…) to write about. Perhaps your view/views on what you think the meanings are. Or even use your everyday surroundings, such as things lying around your home or natural beauty. Someone who you think is very beautiful or outside surroundings.

If you were to go on a road trip, write about the events that happened and your surroundings. Bring out your creative side of life. It can be about a very good book that you’ve read. Tell the story briefly in a song…

Oh, and maybe write about lessons in life that you’ve learned from other people that have really made a huge difference in your life. Something that has changed it, good or bad…

Tiffany France from Friendsville, United States writes: Write down any strange or unusual thoughts and theories in your head. You never know what you can come up with.

Minna from Hyvink, Finland writes: Browse a dictionary. When you find an interesting word, you might get some ideas for songs.

If you can’t make up anything else to a song you’ve ( for example) only written a chorus for, add a new twist to it so that the song has a completely different meaning, but so that the chorus still fits the song.

Tips on how to write music lyrics:

TROB from Montreal, Canada writes: The best songs come to you. I write my songs 3 different ways. Sometimes I am doing anything and I start singing in my head. I write down what I sing in my head and just keep going.

My other way that I use a lot is clearing myself of everything. I zone out and think of one thing and write about it. You’ll know you’re done when you feel like the song can only be hurt by adding more to it.

The other way is to only write about things from personal experiences. It’s much easier to sing about your past than you future, because you know your past better than anybody else does.

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