How to Write Great Lyrics; How to Write Great Songs


How to write great lyrics; how to write great songs.

The following are tips on how to write lyrics from visitors like yourself. Feel free to take the useful tips and discard the rest. You too can submit your own tips on writing lyrics.

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Ian from Staffordshire, United Kingdom writes: One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard when the ideas just won’t come is to imagine you’re just about to play a recording of a song for the first time. Imagine holding the CD, taking it out of its case, sliding it into the CD player and pressing Play. Imagine the sort of song you want to create and are about to listen to in your mind, then wait for the music to come, the mood, the tone, the rythm, the effect on you and anyone who listens to it. Make it as real as possible and sometimes . . . just sometimes . . . magic happens.

How to write great lyrics; how to write great songs.

Jen from Bowling Green, United States writes: Songs don’t always HAVE to make sense. I, myself enjoy writing mysterious and cryptic songs that make people think. I mean, it should have some understandability in it, because you want to understand it. And other people may want to analyze it. If you ask a friend to read your song and they say they don’t get it…that’s good! ;P

Emma from Dorset, United States writes: One thing to think about while writing lyrics is metaphors. Metaphors or short, poetic phrases often add a lot of effect to your lyrics. Think about your average day… What do you do? What goes through your mind? What do others do? Think deeply about everything you see. Thinking in poem/lyric can often help you write better or get your mind working.

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Morgan Reason from Rocky Mount, United States writes: I love writing my own songs! I have been writing for a couple of years, but i just got really into it last year. I have written about 8 really good songs, and some even with the guitar chords. Some of my tips are posted below!

1. I usually love to base my songs on experiences or either my friends or family’s experiences because it makes the song come a whole lot easier and faster to write.

2. I think that one of the most important parts to a good song is to not write very simple patterns. YUCK!!!!!!!!!

3. I don’t really sit there and try to think of an idea for a song because then it becomes boring and i could lose interest! i just let the ideas come to me!
* I will post more later on. i may not be a professional, but I’m working on it and i have lots of “fans”! lol.

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Chanel from Newberg, United States writes: What has helped me in writing a song is using things around me, a dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, etc. Also you can find things around you to write about! nature, the cars that drive past your window, what you are eating, your family. ANYTHING!! Look at some of the songs out there right now. They dont make sense but we all love them! WHO CARES!! All you have to do is WRITE!!

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Elina from Aurora, USA writes:
Write down exactly what u feel, nothing less, and then later go back and arrange the words so they fit into music. Songs dont have to rhyme either, just as long as it sounds good and makes people want to sing.

Cai from Ill, USA writes:
Sit in your room quitely.. think for a few minutes- totally about nothing. Now that you’re relaxed, you may start. Think about what has happened to you in the last week n write your lyrics 1st. Backtrack one week after each song, until you’ve completely covered your life! AFTER you’ve written your lyrics, hum to yourself silly little tunes that pop into your mind for about one week. Trust me- this helps! Then write tunes.. try adding different sets of words n if they don’t fit right with your song, try again.

How to write great songs; how to write great lyrics:

A.J. from Atlanta, USA writes:
Sometimes when I’m going through a stretch where I can’t put pen to paper on personal experiences I’ll put my digital voice recorder by my bed. Then when I wake up with a dream fresh in my head I’ll (drowsily) grab it and record what I remember and write based on that. As you know some pretty trippy stuff comes out of your mind in your sleep and it can add a surreal and interesting twist to your songs. Like most songwriters I’ve dreamt of original songs that are outstanding, but blocked by conscience thought and I try to remember and record what I can of those too. It’s amazing how many great hooks you write subconsciously when your brain isn’t tied up with so many other things.

Tristan from Palo Alto, USA writes:
Rhyme a word with itself. It may seem stupid, but it’s pretty effective. Try and find a metaphor and rhyme it within itself. That also helps you come up with stuff to say.

How to write great songs

Riley from Augusta, USA writes: When I want to get some good lyrics I go out in the woods or mountains or beach… somewhere very natural. By doing this, my thoughts tend to be more natural and in tune with the flow of energy. Things come to me easier when I escape from the artificial world.

Koenraad from Beaver Dam, WI, USA writes: When you have a melody or even a complete song without lyrics, write more than one set of lyrics for it, about similar and completely different subjects. Let it rest for a few days, weeks, months, sometimes even years. Go back to the lyrics you wrote and generally you will be able to puzzle one great set of lyrics out of all the ones you wrote before.

Adam from Leicester, United Kingdom writes:
My best songs are often written when i don’t try too hard. Its difficult to get a blank piece of paper, a pen and your guitar and think to yourself im gonna write a good song, because it will never happen like that. It’s best to start with a good riff/rhythm and just play about with it, and if you cant think of anything else write down what you have and then leave it for that day. Then come back to it and try again and keep going till eventually you come up with your song and because you’ve spent so much time on it it may turn out to be a really good song.

It’s also best to choose a topic that you know about, otherwise it can spoil the song if you write about something you don’t understand and it will show! It’s about being in the right frame of mind at the right time.

How to write great songs; how to write great lyrics:

Brad from Blackpool, United Kingdom writes: I like 2 go outside in the night with some candles or something and just play my guitar. I find that if you’re tryin 2 write something and you can’t, just let it come naturally. Music is already there, it’s just being open and having the knowledge to hear it.

Caroline from Jamestown, USA writes: If you think of an awesome line for a song, WRITE IT DOWN. More often than not you will forget what it was within minutes if you don’t, and that’s a perfect piece of musical opportunity gone! Whole songs are based around one line. If you get a good one, run with it!

Jeff from Grand Forks, USA writes: It is also very important to consider WHERE it is you are actually writing your song. You may want to be sitting somewhere peaceful to write a peaceful song, or someplace like your car/room when you want to write something about yourself, or your own feelings. Setting, and mind-setting are both very important.

How to write great songs; how to write great lyrics:

Jimmy from Hainesport, USA writes: It would help to look at lyrics and music by some of your favorite songwriters, including for me Kurt Cobain and John Lennon. Take a minute to study how they go about writing their lyrics and where they get the information.

Ross from Pittsburgh, USA writes: Do not just write about one topic. I am 16 years old, an aspiring musician trying to land a record deal. Writing about one topic will bore people to death. Vary your topics and people will take great interest in your music.

Patty from Guadalajara, Mexico writes: Just open your heart and let the feelings flow, there are no rules, the words do not even have to rhyme. The important thing is to allow people to identify with your song, they dont need complex words… they need to drop some tears and sing along with your music.

How to write great songs; how to write great lyrics:

Jeff from D.L, United States writes: Write a great visual with how, when, where, why, how much, how long, how often. Also include all your senses from touch, smell, taste, hear. See, it works for me. Be detailed and don’t be reserved.

Michael from Charlottetown, Canada writes: Just remember the more you write lyrics, the better the lyrics are going to get.

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