How to Write Good Songs: Writing More Regularly


Want to learn how to write good songs? Well you can increase your chances of writing a good song by approaching songwriting as a numbers game.

Too many aspiring songwriters write too few songs. I mean if all you’re writing is four or five songs a year how do you expect to come up with a hit song? Yes I know it has been done before, where out of no where a songwriter who hardly writes comes up with this big hit. But as far as I know this is more the exception than the rule. By writing very few songs you’re limiting your chances of being successful.

And I’m not saying that you should compromise quality at the expense of quantity. All I’m saying is to try writing more quality songs.

How to write good songs: a numbers game

Let’s say you write a song a week. That’s 52 songs for the year. Out of these 52 songs don’t you think that you have a better chance of having a big song than if you had only written a song a month, or 12 songs for the year? And what if you write 100 songs a year? How about 200? Or 300?

Artists and songwriters also need to put more songs out there.

In the Caribbean (where I’m from), besides reggae music, there is another popular genre of music known as soca/calypso. The problem soca music faces is that over the years, the music has been seasonal. Writers release music only during the Carnival season which last for about three months. Many writers/artists release no more than two songs for that season and sadly it amounts to two songs a year.

No wonder the world knows more about reggae music and Bob Marley than soca music. It’s simple – the artists and songwriters need to release more music and do it throughout the entire year. Also, they need to write a greater variety of songs and choose the best ones, to give themselves more scope.

I urge you to join me today in spending more time on the songwriting craft. And remember practice makes perfect. So to answer your question on how to write good songs – The more you write, the better you will become, and the more likely are you to write a hit song.

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