How To Write A Pop Song


by Mantius
(St Lucia)

How To Write A Pop Song

Dear songwriters,

What are your best tips for writing a Pop Song? Please let us know below. Share your best tips on writing a pop song with aspiring songwriters. Thanks for your participation.

Let Your Mind Go
by: Dupes

Sometimes as a writer one can be very consumed about Appealing to the Masses and making a HIT. Lennon said many songs came from just staring at the PIANO for hours and eventually something would happen.

Look just write what comes to mind and play with it have fun with it LISTEN To it a day or two later and really evaluate it. I admit many a times I have writer’s block but when I make it fun it flows and it works.

pop songwriting
by: Anonymous

Write from your heart

by: nicole downs

i love playing guitar and i love trying to put to things together to make something good its just i have a hard time matching chords to lyrics.

Keep a Spare!
by: Tricetunes

Over the years, I’ve often come up with a single, dynamite verse or lyric phrase, and then can’t think of anything else to do with it. I started a file folder of all these “snippets,” and occasionally when I am in the middle of writing a new song and am stuck for a lyric, I’ll go through my “spare” file to see what I can find. You’d be surprised how often one of those old spare verses has come in handy to breathe new life into a new composition.

Make It Happen!
by: Amy

write what you believe! Pop songs are catchy, happy, quirky, bubbly, fun, and it is great to dance to. so write about having a good time or about being in relationships or going crazy or something! write a life experience, so the lyrics will come to you quickly.
Hope this Helps!

hints in general
by: Anonymous

• Simple, not-to-wordy chorus
• Powerful bridge
• Meaningful Verses
• Catchy intro
• Fading Outro
• Awesome ad-libs
• Rhyming lines
• Epic Title
• Picture in yours and the listeners mind
• Focus
• Topic (love, partying, personal ideas etc.)
• Repeating, but some change
• Not too short, not too long
• Tune
• Having fun when writing!

Become what you dream
by: F@mOu$ D

Let your mind go, think of melodies. If you play an instrument that helps ALOT especially guitar or piano. Think of a time in your life when you felt alot of emotion, maybe you were sad or even mad? Ask a question in your song, who were you mad at? Or what would life be like if you went down a different path? Mostly pop songs are written about love and heartbreak, but music has NO boundaries. Be creative and spark your inner light, maybe go for a walk or a bike ride. Go somewhere calm, where nobody can bother you or distract you from your creative juices. Wake up early and test your mind with a word game or something, your creativity is at its peak between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. don’t waste this by sleeping in. Learn to nap, practice, practice, and more practice. That is the best way to get better. You will never write a hit song if don’t write songs on a regular basis, REMEMBER, hit songs are not written, hit songs are re-written. Spend the most time on the hook and chorus of the song that is essentially the meat and heart of the song. But yea enough of me rambling on and on I could go on for days and days on how to improve, but you’ll never be good unless you do it yourself, so grab a pen a notebook and maybe a musical instrument and see what you got, Good luck!

do it from the heart
by: ciara

whenever i tried to make a song i always get stuck but i don’t stop i keep going so if you ever want to write a song and you get stuck don’t stop cause the perfect lyric will come to you just believe in yourself.

How to write a pop song
by: Anonymous

Think of personal experiences and write away. When you have writers block ask friends. Words are the first step and the easiest,music comes later. When it’s time for music though,get an instrument and just play random tunes. When you find one you like add your words to it. If they don’t fit, try again.

How to write a pop song
by: Anonymous

form a pop band work together what are you stuck on ill answer you.

by: suspenceale@

Find a your hook. All pop songs need a phrase or a line. Make it relatable and catchy. After you’ve written your “hook.” I find that verses and remaining lyrics come a lot easier. 

Pop songs
by: Anonymous

My friend and i have written a couple songs. But i dont think they’re any good. I’m not sure how to make them better. Im a really good singer, its just hard for me to write a song. Plus i really dont know what to write about. Please help.

how hard is it?
by: rebecca

how hard is it to make your own songs in the charts if your not famous?

how to write a pop song
by: Anonymous

All I can say is to write from the heart think about a good or bad experience and write a song about it. if you do that then you will have a great song.

Arrogance Counts
by: Ruby Abbott

I wrote “Mary Be Mine” in 30 minutes. Just pretend you’re the only thing that matters.

by: Hilary

Im writing a song but i dont know if the title was used before,please help! Oh and one more question can writing stories about your past help you write better songs?

Here i go again
by: Hilary

Hey ,do you guys ever feel intimadated by other song writers?Like perhaps you feel threatened by them or something? Cause i know i do,but what should i do we i get to feeling like that?

listen to your heart
by: Seth.Coulter

writing pop music is something that comes with real experiences in life that affect you and cause you to express yourself in a usually more intense way because its something that you have felt deeply

It’s as Easy as a piece of pie…jk
by: Bridget Mendal

I bought a cheap one minute recorder of of ebay…and I keep it with me so any time I have an idea for a song I can just sing the snippet and save it for later. Sometimes your first ideas are your best. Then, when I get home, or have a chance to work on my song, I play back the recordings. I then type up what parts I like. I also try to find as many words that rhyme with each ending in case I want to rhyme later on. In the end I come up with many different ideas that turn into one pop song. Just a note: not all songs have to rhyme, just let the words come from your heart. Another suggestion is if you can’t get a recorder, carry a notebook, the only problem is you can’t keep the tune. Hope this helps!

how to write a pop song
by: tj cool (new singer)

you need to write from your heart. if your unique or have a certain bassline to your voice use that to your advantage and sing for life.

Music Video
by: Lauren Laine

If you want to write a really upbeat song then you really need to think of the people who will be listening to it, and really enjoying it. It helps to think of the music video. It sounds strange but when I write I always think of what a good music video would be. The video tells a story and if you think of it first, the you can easily create a cool upbeat song.

by: I♥Cupcakes

First you can listen to pop songs to feel for the beat and rhythm. Also, you could get in a happy upbeat mood to write that type of music, write what your feeling. Make sure you completely understand the topic you are writing and the genre to do this clear your mind of all thoughts and let your energy flow then the inspiration is sure to come to you.

by: Writers Block sucks:)

Put your ipod, media player, mp3 player or phone on shuffle and listen to all the pop songs and see the format or whatever.

Good on ya for having a go at song writing 😉  



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