Tips on Writing Song Lyrics and Melodies


Writing song lyrics and melodies… How can a songwriter get better? If you learn all you can about the craft of songwriting you will be one step closer to songwriting success.

Can someone really teach you how to go about writing lyrics and melodies? Only to a certain extent. Someone can provide you with guidelines that will help you write a song; he can provide motivation and inspiration, and present you with ideas that will help fuel your creativity, but he can only go so far.

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I will provide you with a few songwriting elements, ideas and suggestions that you may find useful when writing lyrics and melodies.

No matter how big a song is, when you think of it, it really is very simple. A good song consists of a good melody, good lyrics and a good musical structure. In addition, a good song makes a strong impact on the listener and is well delivered by the singer. If your song contains these elements, you’re good to go.

Writing song melodies.

A musical instrument goes a long way in helping the songwriter develop great melodies. Sometimes you can get a great idea for a melody by simply experimenting on your instrument.

It’s good to experiment with different chord progressions. You can write melodies on those which sound more appealing. Creating variations in these chord progressions can also go a long way. Don’t underestimate the importance of chord substitution, in which you replace a particular chord with another.

You can write a simple melody and then alter the length of the notes. You can also eliminate certain notes and add others, thereby making your song sound better. If you keep working on your songwriting craft you will certainly get better at writing melodies.

Writing song lyrics.

You can get a lot of ideas for writing lyrics by listening to conversations. Whether you’re on the bus or on the train, be prepared for the great lyric ideas that can come out of conversations.

Keep your lyrics simple. If your listener doesn’t understand what you’re saying, your song is probably meaningless. Avoid the use of overused cliches. Don’t make your rhymes appear fabricated. Your rhymes should flow naturally into your lyrics.

Make use of newspapers, magazines, television and movies. A lot of the material that they contain are built around stories. You and I know that some of the greatest songs ever written are based on stories.

You can get more ideas on writing lyrics, writing melodies and the craft of songwriting in general, in other sections of this songwriting site. So keep coming back.

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