Write new lyrics over an existing melody.


by Anonymous
(St Lucia)

Apparently, I’m the first to post. What a great opportunity to share with younger writers. 🙂

Anyway, if you struggle with writing lyrics but you’re good at writing melodies, you can try writing new lyrics to an existing melody. Choose a song you like and write your own lyrics to it. After you’re satisfied with your lyrics all you have to do is change the melody.

I have found this to be a great strategy for writing songs. If you are a new songwriter it could at least be a good practice exercise.

Is there anybody on this site who has tried this?

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Write new lyrics over an existing melody
by: Anne`maree

Yes I have done this with a couple of songs that I have written lyrics to. Sometimes is easier writing songs this way as words seem to flow easier with this method.

Are you a professional writer with songs and music?


Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! I read this and immediately started putting my own words to the song that was stuck in my head, and I had spat out lyrics in 5 minutes! I honestly couldn’t believe it. Thanks again.

im only good at writing melodies, ill try this tip,
by: high octane

im new at song writing, in fact im only writing my first song now, and really i only started 3 days ago, i have decent music writin down ( well for guitar, ill have to wait tll back to school to write the rest with the band) but its hard to make to match my guitar pieces..

trying new method
by: Anonymous

sounds like a great way to write songs. I’ll have to try that I have so much trouble writing songs.


by: mr. aguilar

ive done this…it just makes it easier, and now when i write a song frm scratch i dont struggle as much as i did when i first started

by: Anonymous

I’ve used this method before too…I think at some point most songwriters have tried it. It does help get things flowing but I’ve had some problems draggin the words away from that other song feel before. It almost makes it harder to think of anything creative with a different vibe than the song you used.

Good idea though and I’m glad to know I’m not alone.
You guys keep rockin


Hit melodies inspire hit lyrics
by: Anonymous

The writer from St. Lucia is right on. Hit melodies inspire hit songs. There are a handful of chord progressions to work with. Take a chord progression from a hit song and write your own lyrics. The melody will change as you begin to write. Popular progressions change about every 5 to 10 years. Get a “wheel of chords” to help understand what chords sound best together. Great songwriters always borrow from what is happening today in regards to chord progressions and melodies. All songs share a basic foundation. Google “money chords” and see how many “hit” songs share the same chord progressions. Hit songs should sound fresh but familiar. Of course this only applies if you intend to write “commercial” hit music.



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