The Vito Alto Saxophone


The Vito alto saxophone is made by LeBlanc, a French company that is known for its high quality student level instruments, particularly clarinets. The alto sax is also made according to these high standards. One popular model is called the 7131R. It is acoustically correct, which makes it possible for the new player to get the most out of the experience of playing.

The 7131R is designed with features usually found on pro level horns. They are also tough and designed for smaller hands. It’s reported to have quick response, accurate intonation and be easy to produce music from, all at a low price affordable to parents and schools. The 7131R has a range from low B-flat to high F. Its wide bow makes the lower notes easier to play. The pads are made of leather and the resonators are metal.

Vito alto saxophone

Vito alto saxophone

The price for this student saxophone is over $1000, but you might be able to find a sale price around that figure. The finish on the horn and neck pipe is lacquered brass. For a little less, you can get a Model 7133. This one has a range from low B-flat to high F-sharp. It too is made of lacquered brass. It requires little effort to get a good tone. Of course, each vito alto saxophone comes with a mouthpiece, neck strap, ligature, and hard shelled case.

Sometimes a vintage Vito from the the 1960’s or later, is actually identical to a Yamaha student horn, and was made by this company in Japan. If you can find a used Vito alto sax in good shape, chances are it would be a suitable choice for a beginning saxophonist to learn on. Yamaha and LeBlanc are both brand names that are reputable and trustworthy. Of course, used horns need to be looked over for flaws.



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