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Successful songwriting tips

The purpose of this site is to help you become a successful songwriter. You will find lots of songwriting tips here, and guides to writing better songs. Here’s an article I wrote on ‘how to write a song’. Be sure to read it first, then read comments from our dear visitors.

Comment #6 (Posted by JP)

Good ideas, but personally I think songs shouldn’t depend so much on the title, and originality is the real key to song writing success. But that is only my opinion, just do what works for you when writing a song.

Comment #7 (Posted by Theophilus Abban Ampiah) It’s very educative

Comment #8 (Posted by Javier) Thank you for all these wonderful tips. I have found myself my title, but i just need to figure out the lyrics to my song. I think I want to get my song to a radio station.

Comment #9 (Posted by Phenominominal) I’m finding helpful hints on music however I need 2 know how to structurally format dance music, like how many beats in intro, body, chorus, breakdowns, billed ups, and such. Been tryin hard 4 5 years, still stumped.

Successful songwriting

Comment #10 (Posted by Jen)

I think it’s great advice. I will definitely be coming here to get songwriting tips. It’s on my favorites list! 😛

Comment #11 (Posted by Kay)

I’ve been writing songs since I was in the 6th grade and now I’m a junior in High School and when I read your tips on how to write songs I realized that pretty much everything it says to do I already have done, so it looks like I’m doing the right thing, music is my life and I’m glad to know what I’m doing is right thanks so much!!!!

Comment #12 (Posted by Frankie Midnight)

I write from my own experience and sometimes from what I am imagining. The thing I like about songwriting is you can see so many angles of the situation and come to a great realization of what is really going on at the moment.

Successful songwriting

Comment #13 (Posted by Josiah)

I think that paying attention to hits, and writing music like them can be helpful in learning to write music,but at the same time, I think that’s what is wrong with music today. People who write songs just for money tend to stick to the same formulas that got other songs popular. Personally, I don’t want to hear the same song over and over. My advice for songwriting is not to write music for other people to like, but write songs that you like. Be original!

Comment #14 (Posted by SR)

Interesting . . . I’ve heard to start songs with a good, intriguing title. Thanks for reinforcing what I’ve learned! 🙂

Comment #15 (Posted by Jasmine)

When writing lyrics make sure you don’t go off course with your words. For example, don’t be singing about your lost loved one and then go to how your dad met your mom. You may think it has a connection, but to listeners it doesn’t. Try to concentrate and stay on track.

Comment #16 (Posted by )

These are really good tips. But I’m still not getting it. I’m trying to write a song for my boyfriend about how much I love him and stuff, but I just don’t want it to be that easy. I want him to think and I want the song to have meaning. I haven’t written a song yet and this is my first one. Please help.

Successful songwriting

Comment #17 (Posted by Anakin)

I have always had trouble coming up with titles! thanks for the tips!

Comment #18 (Posted by Bob The Fish)

Hey,i know. i always get my hooks from other songs honestly…not that many of them are all that great. but its a start. im young. lol, next weekend me and my friends are going to record our own solo songs on my laptop. that’s why i needed some reinforcement here about writing songs…GOOD TIPS! xxx

Comment #19 (Posted by Liv)

I think this is all good above but I need more help. I’m 14, I can sing but I cant write! I haven’t really even been through anything bad in my life either, or anything really good. so I’m stuck on what to write about, because it’ll be even harder writing about something I haven’t experienced myself.

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Comment #20 (Posted by Jaquetta)

When it comes to writing, I just cant get the words,like there’s so many things that I have been through in life but it wont come out. What do I do?

Comment #21 (Posted by Denise)

This is good info for me and one day I will be famous and I will say the people that helped me.

Comment #22 (Posted by Maya)

I love this. This is really good! I’m recording all this so every time I go to my room I can listen to it and actually follow it. But now I need to go to the next page, cee ya and thank all of you.

Successful songwriting

Comment #23 (Posted by Emma)

I’d love to be able to write songs really well for my music assignment but everything I seem to write seems really average.

Comment #24 (Posted by Calum Wilson)

I like what has been out on the site and I’m writing a song at the moment called “In The Beginning”. Thanks a lot!

Comment #25 (Posted by Ali)

I’m really glad I saw this site. I’ts going to be very helpful.

Successful songwriting

Comment #26 (Posted by Dannaiii)

I’ve thought about songwriting, and I’ve written some songs and many poems; I’ve also got my best friend to sing them to a tune. She’s amazing. Anyway, recently I’ve been more emotive in my language and I think writing lyrics based on experience really helps me. I just wish someday that they might be published. I may be emotive in my lyrics but it’s like… I know what i want to say and the problem is, I don’t know how to word them. Reading this sorta helps. Got anymore advice? Anybody with any ideas will do. xx

Comment #27 (Posted by Miri)

Thanks for the tips! Before, I had no idea how to write a song but now it’s getting easier.

Successful songwriting tips

Comment #28 (Posted by Eden) I like all of your tips. Me and my sister are trying to make a band with 2 electric guitars, one bass guitar, one drummer and my sister and I are the singers. The thing is, It’s so hard to find words that rhyme, good choruses, and a REALLY good title. And it’s hard to come up with the beat of the song. It’s so hard.

Comment #29 (Posted by Peter, A.K.A.DJ DBS) Yo I’m an underground emcee. I’ve been writing for a few years now but haven’t really thought of getting serious like record deals and stuff until this year. I’d just like to give a few tips for the rappers out there.

See, rap is just like writing a poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme all the time. It just has to flow. All you need is a good title chorus and a good beat – that’s it! The rest of the song doesn’t really matter much. But look,write down what ever comes into your head. Like I carry around a note pad everywhere. I know your what you’re thinking, that aint cool – only pussy wack people carry pads around. But anyway, just write down what ever comes in to your head -“ANYTHING”. And don’t push yourself to get the song finished. If you get stuck,just leave it and before you know it something great will pop into your head…

Successful songwriting tips

Comment #30 (Posted by Angie)I want to write a song to my ex boyfriend who I might go back out with. I want it to be like a love song but also sad on how he made me feel. But I don’t know how to write it. I mean I have been writing songs for a long time and never had troubles but now I am. Please help.

Comment #31 (Posted by Jessica) Well it helped a lot but I still need help to write some lyrics to this song. I have so much in mind but I can’t.I have the beat and everything but I need words!!!! Can u please help?!!!

Comment #32 (Posted by T-T) I can write lyrics but I have trouble writing hooks. I can’t write good lyrics without a good hook… What is a good tip for that?

Successful songwriting

Comment #33 (Posted by Kaitlyn) I haven’t been writing songs for very long, but every time I try to write a song I will get half way done, garbage the whole idea and start all over again. I can’t get through writing one whole song.

Comment #34 (Posted by Holly Shepley) I don’t know what I do wrong. I make a song and I never end up keeping it because I don’t end up liking it or think no one will.

Comment #35 (Posted by Stacey) I know I’m just a 13 year old kid or teenager, but writing songs r hard. But I still can’t think of anything. I bet these tips and advice will help. Thankz!!!

Comment #36 (Posted by Emily) Great tips. But I’m not having trouble thinking of a title. Its thinking of the words for the song. I can’t think of a good hook or anything. I NEED HELP!! I really want to be a singer and I want to write my own songs. But I just can’t think of anything to write. Please help me!!

Comment #37 (Posted byPaige LeClair) Hi. I’ve been trying to write songs for a long time but every song I write is about love, and when I read them to myself I like them, but I give them to my friends to read and they just think they’re stupid. If they don’t like them does that mean the other people won’t like them either? Can you help me write a song? – Paige

Comment #38 (Posted by Hannah) Hey, this gives you a lot of info and it works. I really like this site because it actually helped me write a really, really good song. So if you want to write a song, you’ve come to the right place to become a really good songwriter.

Comment #39 (Posted by Mateega Charles) Wow! I can now make lots of money with your breathtaking techniques! Thanks and keep it up, may God bless YOU.

Comment #40 (Posted by Shabs)

I have learned a lot about songwriting and the mood and techniques in writing a song. It has been fun and I appreciate all I have read, thank you.

Comment #41 (Posted by Katie Pina)

Wow, these song writing tips are great.. I’ve started with a title which is called, Lied.. I have written most of the song. I should be finishing today. Thanx a lot. I’ve been coming here for several weeks to find out how to write a song. And now the song is almost complete. Except I don’t have any music. Thanx a bunch. This was very helpful.

Comment #42 (Posted by Mike Levin)

I agree that the hardest part of writing a song is the title and the main topic of the song.

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