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UPDATE: Submissions are no longer being accepted on this page. Read the contributions of professional studio operators below. 

Recording studio owners,

Submit your recording studio tips and tutorials (250 to 600 words) and your recording studio services will be advertised for free on this site.

Demonstrate your knowledge, help others, and in return, attract potential clients to your services.

Your tutorial will have its own page with a paragraph advertising your recording studio, a link to your web site, and your contact information.

This site gets almost 1000 visitors a day (songwriters, composers, recording artists, musicians, and so on) so this is an excellent way of promoting your recording studio.

How to Submit Tip or Tutorial

Submitting your tip or tutorial is simple. Just complete the form below.

Please note that:

  • Your e-mail address will be kept totally confidential. It will be used only to confirm or clarify your submission.
  • By submitting your recording tips or tutorial you agree that you own full copyright to it.
  • By submitting your tips and tutorials you grant full license to use your submission for as long as the webmaster desires, provided that you are given credit as the copyright holder.

Recording Studio Tips submitted:

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