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Studio time tips – submitted by Jeff Powers

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Tips on saving studio time

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You want to be mentally prepared and physically prepared: On the mentally prepared part, you want to practice your songs as well as you can, so you can play them in as few takes as possible. And physically, obviously, don’t forget to bring your amps and guitars. A lot of people actually assume that a studio’s just going to have everything, but it won’t. So everything you want to use, you have to bring.

In the studio, time literally is money. Remember you are renting equipment and hiring an engineer to get a job done. Before you enter the studio, calculate your recording budget. Since you will be charged by the hour, planning how much time you need is the most important part of budgeting.

When you book the time, talk to the engineer about exactly what you want to do. He does this recording thing for a living, so he can also help you predict how long it should take.

Tips on saving studio time

“Always schedule extra time — more than you think you’ll need, because you’ll need it.” Each song is going to take at least 3 hours. Even if it doesn’t, that is probably a good bet. You should plan to give yourself enough time to do the job finish in your allotted time. As a rule of thumb, less is best. If you’re going for high quality recording, you should attempt fewer songs than you think you can finish in your allotted time.

If you just want to bash out 9 songs, that doesn’t leave much time in your budget for more careful and complicated overdubs, so you’ll get a more raw product at the end. It could take a whole day to get a song really nice, or you could do 9 songs in one day. So think about that. Doing too many songs isn’t necessarily bad if it’s what you are prepared to do. Again, you need to be rehearsed before you enter the studio.

Studio time -recording tips

If you have 3 songs and one of them you think is the best song you’ve ever done and two of them you think are…not as good, so you should definitely work on the one you want to finish first. Because you might run out of money and then your favorite song wouldn’t be done. That’s a problem.”

Make sure to allow an equal amount of time to mix your songs as you allow to record them. Even the best performance will sound terrible if you don’t take the time to mix it properly.

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