Songwriting Techniques – Use contrast & make your song sound better.


Songwriting Techniques: The Power of Contrast

Every songwriter wants to ensure that he uses methods that work. Throughout this site, I’ve tried to present you with different techniques that can be applied to the songwriting process. This time, I want to take a look at some techniques that the songwriter can use to create contrast in a song.

The listener should be able to easily hear a difference between your chorus, verses and bridge. This is what will make your song interesting. How do you ensure this? Let’s examine the songwriting methods that can be used to create contrast.

Melodic Contrast

You should try to make the melody of your chorus higher than that of your verses. If there is no difference between the two, you will simply bore the listener. Your song will have no life.

Therefore, don’t start your verses too high. Start your verses in a range which is comfortable for the singer, and leave room for a higher chorus.

Harmonic Contrast

You should use different chord progressions for the different sections of your song. How about using major chords in your verses and minor chords in your chorus? Another thing which can be done is to use a different number of chords per measure in the different parts of your song.

Rhythmic Contrast

Use different rhythms for the different parts (chorus, bridge and verses) of your songs. Experiment with different note lengths. If you use half notes in your verses you may need to use quicker notes in your chorus or bridge. This will certainly help to make your song more interesting.

The use of contrast can go a long way in making your song more appealing.

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