Songwriting For Dummies Review


Songwriting For Dummies Review

Songwriting For Dummies by Jim Peterik et alThis book has lots of useful information for anyone looking to excel at the songwriting craft. I found much of the material very inspiring. This book is worth its weight in gold and works for aspiring songwriters as well as professionals. This book looks at songwriting in a holistic way, unlike other books which focus exclusively on the “Nashville” point of view. The tips and guidance apply to all kinds of music.

There are a few occasions where the book departs from traditional songwriting thought and suggests going in the opposite direction. For example, there’s a section on rhyme where instead of looking at the usual stuff about different types of rhyme, the authors simply say “”forget all that, let’s just talk about how to make it work in a song”. I really liked that.

Songwriting for Dummies has tons of information on the songwriting craft and all the different techniques of how to write a song. But the most valuable part of this songwriting book for me was the section on how to come up with new ideas. A lot of time is spent talking about how to generate new lyrical and musical ideas. After all generating good ideas is the first step and perhaps the most important one. Without a good idea, the songwriting process can’t begin. Awesome stuff!

I like the way the book focuses on the business side of things. It talks about copyright, marketing, publishing, websites and a lot more. It has information on how to get your song heard and how to get record companies to buy your song. There’s so much solid information in there.

My only disappointments was I felt there could have been more on melody and chords and it probably could have been better organised. But obviously, you can’t get everything in one songwriting book so that’s fine.

Overall, I recommend this book. If you are interested in songwriting it’s an indispensable tool. Click here for more information on the book, Songwriting For Dummies.

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