What can songwriting contests do for you?


There are so many songwriting contests today. From popular ones like the John Lennon Song writing Contest, to those whose names suggest great importance, like The Great American Song Contest.

Does it make sense to enter one of these contests? Sure it does. First of all it feels great to win a contest. Secondly, when you win one of these contests, you may win money, free music gear and sometimes even a recording contract. You actually get something in return for your time, effort and of course, your monetary investment.

The publicity that winners of songwriting contests recieve is also phenomenal. I’m talking about free advertising, interviews, newspaper exposure and even the possibility of being featured on television news. This is just the tip of the iceberg (as they say).

Imagine all of this for winning a contest where there wasn’t even much competition. I’ve heard a few songs which won song writing contests, and in my very humble opinion, it was clear that there wasn’t much competition. Perhaps a lot of good songwriters are so critical about their songs that they end up staying away. Now I’m not saying that this is always the case, but it does happen. All this is probably more reason to try your luck.

Song writing contests can be a good way to get your songs heard by music industry professionals. After you’ve won, you may finally be able to get the attention of publishers, producers and the music media. The self confidence that a songwriter or song lyricist gets from being a winner is also priceless.

Stuff like this really helps to advance your songwriting and open doors for you in the music business.

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