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#18: Don’t wait for inspiration.

You shouldn’t always wait for inspiration, to write a song. Inspiration can sometimes take time to come. You should schedule some time to sit down and think of songwriting ideas. Sometimes it’s good to just start writing whatever comes to mind and then pick out the best ideas. If you write a certain number of songs, chances are that one may be a great song. (Maybe a hit).

#19: Your song shouldn’t be too lengthy.

The length of your song is very important. If your song is too long, you had better start getting rid of a verse or some lines. Radio stations hardly play songs which are longer than four minutes. They are flooded with music everyday, and in today’s fast paced world, they want to play as many songs as possible. Also, you don’t want to bore your listener. It’s very difficult to have your listener’s attention for an extended amount of time.

Song Writing Tips.

#20: Make use of songwriting tools.

You could either bang your head against the wall or use a good rhyming dictionary. I’d rather use a rhyming dictionary. A thesaurus is also a handy tool. Today, there’s great songwriting software which facilitates the songwriting process. The point I’m trying to make here is that there are tools which are available to you that can help you write better songs; use them.

Song Writing Tips.

#21: Your lyrics should be fresh.

You should stay away from overused cliches. If it’s been said the same way a million times, why would you get a record deal? Record companies are looking for material which has a certain degree of uniqueness to it. Don’t use predictable and obvious lyrics in your songs. Keep those lyrics fresh and appealing.

Song Writing Tips.

#22: Test your songs on strangers.

You should test your songs on people who don’t necessarily like you. Family and friends may not be able to judge your songs fairly because of their emotional attachment to you. They’re biased. A stranger will more likely give you an objective review of how good your song really is. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek the opinions of friends and relatives. It just means that you shouldn’t give too much weight to their views.

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