Song Writing Tip: Polishing Your Song To Perfection


Song Writing Tip

We’ve mentioned the importance of re-writing your lyrics and making it as perfect as possible. It is very important that you do this before calling it quits. Don’t be too hasty to think that your songwriting task is done. Here are a few characteristics which I believe your song must have, before you can say that the songwriting process is over.

8 points to consider before thinking that your song writing task is complete.

#1: You should be able to make a clear distinction between the melodies used for your verses and what you use for your chorus.

#2: Your song must be at a level where the listener will know the title and remember the chorus melody in one listen.

#3: Your lyrics must reflect the way people speak i.e. be conversational.

#4: The words of the title must be present in other parts of your song.

#5: The opening lines must be very strong and they must be able to immediately grab the listener’s attention.

#6: Your song must show consistency in the tense which is used (whether present tense, past tense, etc.)

#7: Every line in your song must be relevant to your title.

#8: The strongest words of each line and the strongest musical parts of each line must be aligned together.

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Song Writing Tips



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