Songwriting Idea – How To Come Up With One


“All a songwriter wants is a great song writing idea, to write hit songs that bring home the bacon.”

Where does that idea come from? Many songwriters say that it comes from a particular spirit (the muse). It’s all about getting that inspiration, and all of a sudden you’re on your way to writing a big hit.

The most frustrating time is when the muse has left and you haven’t got a single song writing idea in your head. What do you do at such a time?

As for me, sometimes I end up spending long hours trying to get a great idea only to find out that it never comes my way. I’m sure it happens to you too. At times like these, you just don’t understand why the muse has let you down.

It’s too bad that the muse is a spirit and you can’t talk to her directly. You can’t really force her. But there are some things you can do, which may cause her to re-think her determination to not give you that songwriting idea.

I don’t expect you to accept all what I say here, since they are just my humble opinions. However, I hope they can help.


Maybe you could just force yourself to write something. Don’t criticize what you’re writing too much. Don’t worry if what you write turns out to be awful. Later on you can go back and pick any good lyrics or song writing idea which came out of it. You may surprise yourself.


You can get a song writing idea by just experimenting on your instrument. Just play chords in a running fashion and go with whatever comes. You may end up stumbling on the sweetest melodies you’ve ever heard or thought of.


Perhaps you can go to a quiet place that is very comfortable. Ensure that it’s somewhere nothing or nobody can bother you. You would also need to have everything that you need, close by, so that you won’t have to get up. Reflect on some old song writing idea which you had some time ago. Probably you never ended up writing a song based on that idea. Try putting a new twist to it. The atmosphere alone may cause you to get several song writing ideas.


Sometimes, I get a great idea by just listening to my favorite music. Perhaps you have a favorite CD which really inspires you to write songs. Why not listen to that CD when mental block creeps in? At least in my case this works.


The number one thing I’ve done to get a songwriting idea is bang my head against the wall. Obviously, I’m kidding! 🙂 If you’re looking for concrete song writing ideas, I would suggest The Songwriter’s Idea Book -by Sheila Davis.


You could probably try to experience something you’ve never experienced before. Perhaps you could watch a new movie or read a book on a topic which you know absolutely nothing about. How about going somewhere you’ve never been before. Write down any ideas that come out of that.


I believe that one of the biggest mistakes a songwriter makes is not writing down an idea when it comes to him/her. This is why it is necessary to carry a small notebook around to write down any songwriting ideas you get during the course of the day.


Here’s a song writing idea: Write a song telling people what they really want to hear. Everyone has hopes and dreams. Tell them that it will come true. Tell them that they are right about what they’re thinking and that things will work out some way or some how. People mostly care about one thing…What’s in it for me? Don’t write a song telling them about your own experience if it does not apply to them and if they have never experienced what you’re talking about.

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