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music composition softwareAre you writing, playing, printing or publishing music notation? Sibelius music software is just what you need. When you want to make life easier and save time, Sibelius Music Notation Software (Macintosh and Windows) is just what you require.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, teacher, or professional composer. With this music notation software you will be able to do things you might never have dreamed of. How about publishing your music worldwide, or creating your own CDs? Sibelius makes it a breeze.

It’s pointless going through the hassles of writing your music manually. This has become a thing of the past. More and more students, teachers, musicians, and professional composers are making use of music notation software.

The makers of Sibelius music software know just what you need when you’re writing, playing, printing, and publishing music notation. Everything is taken care of. Sibelius is as intuitive to use as a pen. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing for. A truly powerful piece of notation software.

You may be interested in Sibelius G7 Kontakt Edition Guitar Notation Software. It is the ultimate software for writing songs and playing better guitar. This software is very easy to use, allowing you to capture your ideas almost as fast as they come to you. It allows you to write tab, lyrics and notation, chords, learn songs and riffs, and even publish your music online.

You can read reviews on Sibelius online. Check out some descriptions and customer reviews and see whether or not it meets your needs. Take a look at the various features it comes with. Click here for more information on Sibelius music software.

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