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A good rhyming dictionary can make life so much easier when you’re writing a song. If you’re struggling to find a word to finish that line in your song, it makes all the difference.

Just ensure that you do not rhyme just for rhyming sake. Your rhymes should flow naturally and not appear forced.

You cannot depend totally on rhyming dictionaries. You should practice putting rhymes together without using one so that you can become better skilled. But at some point every songwriter needs access to a dictionary. You can either buy one or use some of the free ones on the Internet.

A free one that you can consult is WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary for poetry and songwriting. I use this one all the time. You get the regular end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, double rhymes, beginning rhymes, and first syllable rhymes.

complete rhyming dictionaryIf you’re looking for an actual (physical) dictionary, I would recommend The Complete Rhyming Dictionary by Clement Wood. In my opinion, this is probably one of the most comprehensive ones on the market.

But personally, I do not own a rhyming dictionary. I just use the free ones available online.

Words are pronounced differently according to where you’re from. So sometimes many of the rhymes supplied by these dictionaries are useless. You would need to use your own judgement.

These dictionaries are powerful tools but most of them only provide you with rhymes. It’s pointless having those rhymes and not knowing how to use them. After all, you must have a good knowledge and understanding of what you’re really supposed to be doing. So how do you learn to develop good rhyming techniques?

songwriting essential guide to rhymingSongwriting Essential Guide To Rhyming by Pat Patterson is one book I’ve found to really help a songwriter get the most out of a dictionary. It shows you how to use one to put ideas together. Pat outlines some of the major mistakes that songwriters make with rhyming. It’s a book that will help speed up the rhyming and songwriting process.

The following articles deal with rhyming in detail.

1. Different types of rhymes Discusses various types of rhymes and how to better integrate rhymes into your songs.

2. Rhyming Schemes. Using rhymes. Learn different rhyming patterns and how to integrate them into your songs.

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