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What recording studio furniture should you buy for your home recording studio? Let us take a look at a few options.

recording studio furnitureYou need a good studio desk to place your recording studio equipment. One recommendation is the On-Stage WS8700 pro workstation. You can buy this one at zZounds for about $329.95. This recording studio desk is designed with everything you need for your home studio. This is where you’ll place your computer, video monitors, studio monitors, music keyboard, and all other computer gear. It is a very solid workstation, constructed of steel square tubing and plastic cranks, as well as metal screws and washers.

All of your gear will be very secure with this piece of recording studio furniture. It has four swinging, height adjustable arms as well as a very well built computer tray. You can adjust the width and height for siting or standing positions. Learn more about the On-Stage WS8700 here.

If you’re on a budget, a cheaper option is the On-Stage WS7500 wood workstation. This desk sells for $174.99 at zZounds. If you have a small studio setup, this might be all you need to support your computer and keyboard gear. It features Rosewood laminate surfaces and a black steel frame. Learn more about the On-Stage WS7500 here.

Another category of studio furniture is the studio rack. There are a number of options available. It all depends on your studio equipment. These are for mounting studio gear such as effects processors, amplifiers, preamps, recorders, tuners, etc. Click here to choose from a variety of recording studio racks.

Another piece of recording studio furniture is the monitor stand. There are quite a few monitor stands to choose from here. Prices range from about 80 to 200 dollars. If you already have a good studio workstation (studio desk) you may not need one of these since your desk already makes provision for the placement of studio monitors. Click here to check out studio monitor stands.

You need guitar stands for when your guitar is not in use. Here’s a good guitar stands.

If you’re using additional keyboards in your studio, they need to be kept on a keyboard stand.

recording studio chairstudio chair is a very important piece of recording studio furniture. This is where you will be spending most of your time so you need one that is comfortable. You need a chair which has an adjustable seat. You must be able to adjust the seat height according to your height, so pay attention to the seat height range. Check to see whether the chair has an adjustable backrest, one that can be adjusted both vertically and in the front and backward position. Pay attention to the depth of the seat as it relates to your height. Your recording chair should be very stable; a five-point base is recommended.

Personal preference is very important when choosing a chair for your studio. Click here to buy a chair for your recording studio.

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