Best Music Writer Software


Music writer software refers to software that writes music, and includes music notation software.

The best music writing software (music notation software) are Sibelius and Finale.


I highly recommend Finale for anyone looking to put their musical ideas down to paper. It’s amazing how far Finale has come. I am totally impressed with the new version. It has incredible sounds and the interface seems to have greatly improved. It is now so much easier to use. With this software, you are limited only by your imagination. There really isn’t anything it can’t do. The addition to the Garritan Personal Orchestra makes Finale even better. This music writing software is a God-send for musicians. Click here to learn about Finale.


What grabbed me right away when I tried Sibelius was the relative ease of using the numeric keypad to enter note values and accidentals. It’s easy to add notes thanks to the “preview notes” feature. This software is very intuitive and very sensibly laid out. Anyone with a marginal knowledge of music notation can get going very quickly. Sibelius is an invaluable tool for composing, orchestrating and engraving. I recommend it to anyone who is considering music notation software. Click here to read more about Sibelius.


If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of music writer software, you can try MuseScore. It’s a free cross-platform music notation program and is a cost-effective alternative to commercial programs like Finale and Sibelius. Learn more about this free music writer software (music composition and notation software) here.

Music Recording Software

In my home recording studio, the music recording software I use includes Cubase, Reason, Melodyne, and T-racks. These are some of the best software on the market and you too can use them in your own studio.

Other leading music studio software include Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic, Cakewalk Sonar, and MOTU Digital Performer. You can also look into software like Garageband, Acid Pro, FL Studio and Ableton Live. These are some of the best music studio software used in studios around the world.

Other Types of Music Software

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