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Cubase 6 recording softwareAre you wondering what music recording software you should buy to set up your home recording studio? In this article I shall talk about the exact software I use in my small studio setup. These are among the best recording software available today and are highly rated in the recording industry. You can use this as a guide to build your own recording studio.

My main software is Cubase 5. I really like Cubase and find it to be a great improvement over previous versions of Cubase.

I like the fact that it comes with so many presets. This works well for me because as a songwriter and artist, time is limited. I simply want to be able to get by and would rather focus on writing and composing my songs. Cubase is perfect for me, thanks to its many presets. I usually start with a preset and tweak along the way.

I also like the fact that Cubase comes with its own built in vst instruments. Everything is all in one and very convenient. With earlier versions I used Hypersonic quite a lot but I like how everything is all integrated into Cubase. 

I use Cubase to sequence all the parts of my songs, from bass, to drums, to piano, to synths, to brass, etc. I love this software. And since it’s what most of my friends use, I stick to it. If I run into problems I can always contact one of them for a solution. That wouldn’t be possible if each of us had a different brand of music recording software. Go here to check out the new and improved Cubase 6.


Reason recording softwareAlthough Cubase comes with great tones/instruments, I don’t want all my songs to sound the same. I don’t want all my songs to use the same instruments. I don’t want one to hear my song and figure out right away that it’s coming from my keyboard. I want variety and so I use the popular music recording software called Reason. I love Reason particularly for my drums and percussion. It has many great sounding instruments that you can use to give you a fatter sound, great effects, mixing tools, and editing capabilities. As I write there’s a new version of Reason on its way, Reason 6. I’m happy with my current version but will be trying this out as soon as it’s available. Click here to learn about Reason and to add it to your recording Studio setup.


Melodyne Editor SoftwareTo tune vocals, I use Melodyne. While Cubase has a feature which is similar to it, I love working with Melodyne. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I feel comfortable working with this software. If you’re looking to save money, if you’re on a budget and already have Cubase, you can do without Melodyne. As I said there is similar software in Cubase 5.

This feature is great for putting every note sang in its correct pitch. When you listen to many of your favorite songs on radio you will often hear the singer singing perfectly in key. Most of it is not natural and has been enhanced with software like Melodyne. This is a must have. You have to tune your vocals if you want to compete with the music that’s out there. And today, you have no excuse because software makes it cheap and easy.

I recommend Melodyne. I like it better than Cubase’s built-in feature. It’s a great addition to your home recording studio setup. Go here to check out Melodyne editor software.


T Racks music mastering softwareThen comes mastering. To master my songs I use, T-RackS. I love T-racks for the fact that it’s so straightforward. I’m not a pro studio engineer. I’m a songwriter, artist and musician trying to get my songs to sound as best as they can. T-RackS makes it easy for me to sound radio-ready. T-rackS comes with lots of great presets for those who are not specialist engineers like me. You can start with the presets and tweak them to get the right sound you’re looking for. I love this software. Go here to check out T-RackS for yourself.

You will find all kinds of music recording software here.

This is all the software I use in my home recording studio. I use them along with the following hardware:

In addition to the music recording software, you can buy these hardware and be well on your way to recording songs that are ready to be played on radio.

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