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The importance of music business internships should never be underestimated. This is an excellent road to travel if you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the music industry.

In most cases, courses or programs are inadequate, as far as preparing you for the multi-faceted music business is concerned. The person who has practical, on the job experience is better off. If you’re thinking of pursuing an internship, then this is one step in the right direction and it will help to prepare you for this broad and diverse field.

Nowadays, many companies refuse to hire anyone who doesn’t have hands-on experience. They want to know that you’ve had experience working at some record label, store, studio, post-production facility and so on. Any audio or other music related experience is an asset. Having worked as an intern will put you far ahead of the competition. And yes, your competition is great. There are lots of people looking for the same job that you want.

One of the challenges with music business internships is the amount of tasks you may have to undertake so as to be in favor with your supervisor. You may find that you’re being made to work too hard and that certain tasks are mundane and boring. You may find yourself running out of patience because of the high demands that are placed on you. Should you give up? The answer is an emphatic no! By undertaking certain demanding tasks and giving your best, you will be setting a strong foundation that could mean promotion, recognition and even important and rewarding jobs in the music industry.

Finding yourself a music business internship will normally require quite a lot of effort on your part. Don’t expect one to simply come running your way. You may have to actively search for an internship, whether it is by going to your local library, performing searches on the internet, or contacting important music industry people. Talk to producers, engineers, teachers or whatever contacts available to you. Do everything in your power to hook up with businesses that relate to recorded audio or whatever music industry related field you’re interested in.

In the final analysis, the benefits that you will gain from being part of music business internships will far outweigh the challenges you faced.

How to get a music business internship

A good place to check when in search of music business internships are company websites. Visit the websites of large music industry companies, including major record labels and large indie labels. Visit the websites of concert promotion companies. Spend some time researching the various opportunities offered to see which ones you are interested in and qualified for.

If you’re a college student, check your school’s job placement office. Get information about available internships from the dean of your academic program. For students doing a music related degree , some companies list their internship opportunities with your school directly. Whether your school has a music related degree program or not, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions.

In cases where a music industry internship is not available, there is no information concerning one, or you’re not suitably qualified to fill a post, you can even suggest your own internship. How about creating your own? You can approach an indie label, local promoter or small business. You never know, they may allow you to work. Be sure to let them know why you want to work with them. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and be sure to put your all into your work for maximum results.

How to impress at music business internships?

If you don’t know something, speak up and ask questions. Asking questions doesn’t make you look “uncool”, slow or dumb. It does quite the contrary. By asking questions you look enthusiastic, serious, engaged and eager to learn. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re doing this to better yourself. Ask about everything however basic or complicated. By asking questions you will be mingling with workers of the company and establishing a good reputation.

You must be humble when doing music industry internships. Even if your friend tell you how knowledgeable and skilled you are don’t act like a know it all or think you’re too big to do certain tasks like envelope stuffing, inventorying, running for lunch and so on. Whatever task you’re handed, do it well and do it with zeal. Understand that in the real world, not every day in the music industry is glamorous. With the right attitude you’re bound to go very far.

If you’re given a chance to participate in a discussion, take hold of that opportunity. If someone asks for your thoughts, be sure to share them. Don’t worry about your ideas not being good enough or being shot down. You just never know. If your idea works, it will certainly get you noticed. And if it doesn’t this will be a great learning opportunity for you when someone explains why an alternative path is better.

Don’t abuse the privileges that are given to you. Treat free stuff at the work place with respect. Remember it is free to you but somebody is paying for it.

Always be on time for your shift and adhere to the rules and codes. Demonstrate that you’re grateful for your music business internship.

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