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Looking to learn songwriting techniques? You’re in the right place. You will find lots of songwriting suggestions here.

We also allow our visitors to make their contributions on the songwriting and lyric writing process. Here are some of their lyric writing tips and suggestions.

Terri from London, United Kingdom writes: Focus on a major event that has happened in your life. Start writing keywords on how you felt and also brief parts of what happened. Start writing these thoughts and feelings into a poem then add a melody and tidy it up a bit. There you have a song! Keep focusing on different parts of this event to write songs of different natures.

Heather from Westby, United States writes: One of the things that best helps me write lyrics is listening to your favorite singer and his/her music. It really inspires me to write when I listen to my favorite music. If you’re in the car,

or in your bedroom, listen to your favorite music/cd and that should inspire you to write and give you ideas.

Cassandra from Ottawa, Canada writes: It can be quite hard to find lyrics. The easiest way to do such is to dig deep into your heart and let out all of your feelings. You can write about your personal experiences. For example: a friend you lost, love problems, family conflicts, and all other things that you can think about. It really helps.

Cassandra from Henrietta, United States writes: Usually what helps me is to be in a quiet atmosphere with just a pencil and paper in hand. Write about what you are feeling right then. Write it down and the lyrics will soon flow from your brain to your paper.

Angela from Indianapolis, United States writes: In my opinion, the best lyrics come directly from your soul. They need to reach out to the listener and say, “Oh my God, that is exactly how I feel!”. If you want to cry while your writing your own lyrics and it’s a subject nearly anyone can relate to, you are on the right track to making your listener stop what they are doing and tune out everything but your “story”. Make them feel it from beginning to end, and leave them wanting more!

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