How to write songs for artists


by Mantius
(Brooklyn, New York, USA)

How To Write Songs For Artists

Every songwriter would love to write a song and have it done by a popular or major artist. You could make a lot of money if one of your songs became a hit record.

How do you think one should go about writing songs for artists? What is involved? What are the correct steps to take? How does one reach the artist? How do you tailor your song to the style of the artist? Should you? These are just a few of the questions a songwriter would have.

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by: Anonymous

i am writing songs and very soon to record and produce it,any guidelines?

Writing songs for artists. (How to sell your songs)
by: Maria

Spend time developing a portfolio of songs that you can market to the artist. You need to know the kind of artist you’re writing for. Write songs according to the artiste’s style and genre. Your song needs to be commercial enough so that it can be accepted.

The format of your song is important. Most popular songs use a chorus and verse format that includes an introduction, a bridge and an outro. Although this is the norm, you don’t always have to stick to it.

Your song needs to have catchy hooks and melodies to impress the artist. Make your song memorable. The artist will be thinking of how your song will translate to his fans, so bear that in mind.

I want to write a simple song
by: Anonymous

Im not looking to write an awesome hit song for an artist. I just want to make something simple, and i would like tips for that.

I would love the help!

Recording Equipment
by: GibsonRK

Just make sure that you have something that you can patch in and patch out as you spot-check songs… you can spend hundreds of hours trying to get that “perfect” take for each instrument -or- you can use good software/hardware to bandage almost good run-throughs.

Research The Artist
by: Anonymous

Research the artist. You want to make sure the artist can sing it. If not, then simply transpose it to a key the artist can sing in. Study his songs too. Make sure to include certain elements into your song (in the production stage) so that it’ll seem familiar. Same thing goes with the lyrics as well. Do a lot of research on the artist.



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