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Tips on how to write song lyrics. Learn how to write better song lyrics. The following are tips submitted by Ultimate visitors. As always feel free to take those you like and discard the others.

Zipporah Jones from Federal Way, United States writes: For the chronic songwriters who lack inspiration…

Great songs you never heard before are made up or composed (assuming the tv isn’t on) when you’re not awake. And it is something you never heard before; it just comes to you. Like God put it in your mind just for you.

It doesn’t always happen when you want it to, but usually when all you can think of is music the night before, or for those God lovers, when you ask for inspiration.

Always make sure that there is no tv, radio or cd player running at night. Or make sure you cannot hear a roommate/parents/friends singing in the shower because it can pass off in your dreams.

In a good healthy rest about music or performing, music that you have never heard before comes to you. It’s so weird.

Try and remember them by waking up slowy and writing down the lyrics or humming the song.

It’s hard to remember the music the first time it hits you because you might be in a hurry to go to work/school when you wake up. So don’t get mad at yourself thinking you lost a chance to make a deal. Just let it come to you again another time.

And if you know it isn’t something that you heard on tv or radio, it can really be inspirational!

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Carolina from Bucaramanga, Colombia writes: Don’t try to fool people. Don’t do silly songs, or songs that look fake. Believe it or not, people can guess what is fake and what is not. I mean, you have to be honest, write what comes to you best. Also, make your songs understandable but intelligent, even if you are a songwriter for children. ABC, 123, do re may be worked for the Jackson 5, but now it won’t work. people are tired of Britneys and pre-made singers and lyrics.

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Dominique from Weston, United States writes: When writing a song, you don’t necessarily have to write about love or money. It’s mostly what you have a strong emotion about, or what has happened in your life that has truly had an impact on you. Maybe the death of a family member. It can be happy or sad and it depends on what type of writing you do. Just go with your “gut” feeling.

Rachel Hughes from Southam, United Kingdom writes: I try to write about something I dreamed about. This helps me to get into a dream world and think about how I could improve what I saw in my dream!

Sue-Ann from Perth, Australia writes: When trying to rhyme lyrics, people should remember that words don’t fully have to rhyme… eg. the word love doesn’t always have to be partnered with the word dove, as the word mud could replace it just as effectively (and will also make the lyric sound much more interesting). this will allow you a larger variety of words you can use in your lyric. =)

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Sophie Reddy from Norwich, United Kingdom writes: Dont write to what ever works, work to what sounds good. I usually find it easier to create the music first, and then just listen to and write lyrics about what it reminds me of- this way you have matched the style of music to a certain mood and subject.

Also dont be afraid to explore things in detail, even if its something small,eg. the way someone breaths in their sleep. deep and meaningful descriptions are good- leads more room for listener imagination, people will personalise your song and like listenin to it because it reminds them of something close to them. Good luck people.

Harley from Santa Maria, United States writes:

Sometimes if you don’t pin point an idea and broaden it to a simple thing like death, more people can relate to the song. If you write about your cousin dying, some people won’t be able to connect. But if you write about a loved one dying more people will relate to the song with their own problems.

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Lenora from Sandpoint, United States writes: Just think of what you have done with your day in the past (for example I made up a title called it’s the best day ever) and I have a lot of fun writing lyrics and recording them. So just think of what you have done for your day or think of how you feel and write it down. Then make a simple rhythm to your song and soon you will be famous.

Nathan Moore from Ely, United Kingdom writes: You could try to write the song first and then think of a title. That really helps with me.

Jemma K from Washington, Australia writes: Use ur imagination, look outside while writing, think of ppl that have helped u to do things. Think about things u want, miss, love, or hate.

Mathew beaulieu from Sandy Bay, Manitoba, Canada writes:Just started. Give me tips on how to put together syllables and stuff like that. Thanks!

How To Write Song Lyrics:

Emily from Winter Springs, United States writes: Believe in yourself and set a goal to write your first song.

Juan-Pierre from Durban, South Africa writes: You must try freestyling your lyrics. Just make a song with anything that comes out of your head and put them on paper. Your lyrics don’t have to rhyme, but they must have a meaning behind them and an understanding of what you were thinking.

If the words flow then leave them as they are.

Sharon from Ann Arbor, United States writes: Sometimes I go read a book and sometimes I either get really mad at a character for being stupid, or I feel somewhat sorry for the character and I’m thinking unprintable thoughts in my head. I transfer the anger or sympathy to paper. Just a few lines. And about a week later I have a stupid chorus or verse I just made up in the shower, string the book lines and the chorus or verse together, got a song. Cross out the “dumb, not useful” words (like, and, baby, cause) and you’ve got a beginning to a song. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. And viola, you’ve got a jewel.

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B.C. from Wisconsin, United States writes: Keep an open mind. Don’t let others influence the point that you are trying to get across. Use your own personal feelings. Don’t let anyone else have a say in what you are writing about. Don’t do anything to impair yourself (that is the big mistake I made). Keep an open mind!

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Raven from Bronx, NY, United States writes: Don’t always focus on just rhyming. Just write whatever comes to mind however it comes to mind.

Ben from Cook, Colorado Springs, United States writes: I don’t think people should make their lyrics too deep, if you make them simple then more people will relate and be touched by your song. A great example is a song by Boxcar Racer called “I feel so”, which plainly states his feelings which are, “I feel so mad, I feel so Angry, I feel so Callous, so lost, confused again…”. But that’s just my opinion.

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Jim from Riverside, United States writes: I usually carry with me a few sheets of paper and a pen, and I write down ideas on that. When I need to write music or something, I go and lock myself up in the studio room, with the drums, bass, guitars, recorders and everything else I need (I of course make sure I have gone to the bathroom and I bring some food and water). Then I stay in there for 7 hours straight just writing! Well thanks for your tips. They really helped.

Gail Taylor from Liverpool, United Kingdom writes: I’ve been writing lyrics for years now, though I haven’t managed to collaborate with the right musician yet, or for that matter ever discovered what to do with all my lyrics. But what I would say to any lyricist out there is to keep writing and believing in what you do. They say music makes the world go round, but I reckon its something to do with the way space works. Know what I mean?

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Andrea Melvin from Liverpool, United Kingdom writes: I usually write songs about my feelings … when something happens with a boyfriend or a relative, I write what I’m feeling at the present moment… what has happened, and why… It is an easy way to take your anger out and spill your feelings, when you have no one to listen to you.

Clint from Tell City, United States writes: This is a good one. Think of some thing that happened to maybe your best friend, your dad or anyone that could be close to you. Rock songs would have a lot to do with (maybe) fights. Hard times would be wonderful for rock songs. How about car wrecks. Just brain storm or think of just anything bad… or could be good. BRAIN STORM!

Jessi from Comox, Canada writes: I think that the greatest songs come from when you’re so tired, at like 2 in the morning,when you can’t think at all, because when you can’t think, things flow, and that’s where your greatest inspiration comes from. Not your friend, not your experiences, but from your heart. Stay in tune to others songs too, like the latest rhythms. Never copy!!! But just check how they do it, and always remember to have your own style, your style is raw, and rawness is what everyone wants to hear. Good luck. If any one has tips for me, email me. Later.

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Chris from Somerset, United States writes: Hey, I’m a fifteen year old singer/lyric writer and our band, Junction P, has numerous original songs. I get my inspiration for writing by listening to Pearl Jam, Creed, and Led Zeppelin. Listening to them and their genius lyric writing helps me go into a state of mind where I can write my own lyrics. Listen to these bands, and if you are not big fans of them pop in some of your other favorite music to get inspiration.

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Peter from Arroyo Grande, United States writes: I just grab a composition notebook, lie down on my floor in the dark with just a pen and a flashlight to see. I pray and then begin to write. Sometimes just hearing someone else’s song, so that way you get a notion of music as well. Like a beat or something. All in all songwriting is about feelings and you can’t forge a song without it. So just clear your head or write to clear your head. The point of a song is to help you feel better or express how you feel. Just use that to your advantage and don’t fight it.

Sean from Livingston, Bronx, United States writes: The best way to come up with great lyrics is to be very watchful of your surroundings and write down what you see happening. There is always something going on in your life or someone else’s life that you can write about and eventually make it into a song.

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