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Essential tips on how to write lyrics. Learn how to write good lyrics. The following are tips submitted by Ultimate visitors. As always feel free to take those you like and discard the others.

PFA from London, United Kingdom writes: Two things I have learned in my little, yet eventful years of lyric writing is this : You should try to write what you can see and what your heart can feel. Now what you see is not judged only by those two objects hanging in front of you that we call eyes. No, the ears and the mind and your entire body are inclusive. They have a collective way of telling us things day in, day out if we care to listen. And then by the time you get to cooperate with these guys by listening, your heart has no choice but to feel it.

Lyrics written at this juncture have turned out to be the best ones for me. Even when you get stuck, (don’t think it’s that easy to describe the pictures you see) take a walk, learn something new and then by the time you come back, maybe minutes, hours, days, months or even years away, just pick up that pen again with fresh vigor to rework that picture you saw and step into that passion again. Pressure or deadlines at times have a way also of contributing well to the writing process, though I wouldn’t recommend a habitual lifestyle around this, as I may soon cripple creativity.

And finally, whatever it is that you see and your heart directs you write, the bottom line is to try and enjoy the entire process and make it equally enjoyable for others (who will definitely see it and call you a GENIUS!!! That’s what we are all looking forward too, isn’t it?). Take care friends and remember, Genius is only 1% inspiration, the rest comes through perspiration.

Visitors submit tips on how to write lyrics. Learn how to write good lyrics. You can also submit your own lyric writing tips.

Jordan from Rockford, United States writes: I just want to say that I’m not really good at writing song just yet. But the one thing that I have found out is that you are not going to like your own songs right away, so you should always show somebody the finished product!

Taylor from Newcastle, United Kingdom writes: If it has anything to do with Hip Hop, your flows have to be real life or how you see life, or how you think life should be, with a lil rhyming.

Essential tips on how to write lyrics. Learn how to write good lyrics.

Kesha from St.Louis, United States writes: Speak or write your mind. Don’t let anyone doubt you in your writing. Read over your lyrics. Put a rhythm to your lyrics.

Julia Basketrobins from Phx, United States writes: The lyrics that you write should come from your heart and what you’re passionate about instead of something that you don’t even care about.

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