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This section seeks to answer your question on how to write a song. It’s a question that beginning songwriters ask all the time. As someone who has been writing songs for several years now, and who has had many number one songs on the radio in my country, I will present a few tips here.

But don’t expect to get everything you’re looking for in this article. Learning how to write a song takes time and practice. After reading the information on these pages, feel free to browse this site for more songwriting tips, ideas, help and advice.

How do I write songs? It’s hard to say. Most of my songs are written when I’m not trying to write. Some of my best songs were written when I didn’t set out to write a song. The ideas just hit me and I felt compelled to write.

Sometimes I set out to write a song and nothing comes to mind. I spend hours trying to come up with good ideas and nothing fruitful comes to me. Then I just forget about it and before too long (maybe a few hours later) I get a brilliant songwriting idea.

Most of the time it feels like I am not in control. It feels like all the credit is due to some outside force. Like it’s all being controlled by a supreme being.

When it comes to writing hit songs, I’ve come to realize that one of the best things one can do is to write a lot. Just write and write and write. Try various methods/techniques. Don’t stop.

Never give up. A lot of what you write may be utter nonesense. But some of them will be really good, or even hits. Don’t worry if a lot of what you write seem lacking.

You will find that sometimes you may write a song you feel was such a great song only to listen to it later and to realize that it was only good for the moment. I experience this frequently. This is all part of the process. It is important to keep writing because you never know when that hit song will materialize. The more you write, the better you will become at songwriting.

How to write a song

Some of my songs are based on my personal experiences, including relationships.

As a soca (Caribbean music) artist I have to be able to “move” party people so I write about what I know is happening/what is current. I use hooks that people can identify with. I try to be the voice of the people and write about topics that party goers can identify with. My best songs are usually written in very little time.

Writing a song is all about self-expression and letting your feelings flow. Just be yourself and do your thing. Don’t try to imitate, forge or regurgitate.

In case you’re looking for a more technical approach to writing a song (how to write a song), read on. Keep in mind that there are many ways to write a song. There are really no rules.

How To Write a Song: Being Inspired By The Work Of Others

I’m always hoping to get the next brilliant idea; so I’m always thinking about songwriting. If I go to a party, I watch the reaction of folks. I watch how they react to particular songs more than others. Why is it that they go crazy over particular songs? My intention is to write a song that gets a positive response from the crowd. If they like a certain song there must be something in that song that works. So I try to write a song that can generate such interest.

Sometimes I get a songwriting idea right there and then. It’s all about being inspired by the work of other songwriters/artists.

How to write a song – sometimes the title comes first.

So if you ask me how to write a song, I’d say one way is to start by thinking of a good title or hook. What are you presently going through? What is going on in your relationship? Express what you are feeling. Express your emotions.

One way to come up with a title is to take an existing title and add a unique twist to it. Take Dianne Warren for instance. There are so many songs that talk about breaking somebody’s heart. Instead of writing another break my heart song, the songwriter came up with “Unbreak My Heart”. Just be careful not to regurgitate. Your song should come from within.

The title doesn’t always come first. Any part of the song can come first including the bridge, chorus and verse. Just let ideas flow.

Don’t have a title yet? Look through magazines and newspapers for interesting phrases. Is there anything that appeals to you? Make a list of these phrases. Add words, substitute words, and try to come up with at least one phrase that makes you want to write a song.

Sometimes you can pick up something that stands out in a song and write another song with that one short phrase or idea. It may be just one sentence that hits you. If it appeals to you there must be something in there that can work. Be original.

You must spend time on getting the right idea because this is usually the most difficult. In my experience once I have a good title, theme or hook, the rest is easy.



How to write a Song

Comment #1 (Posted by Calum)

I haven’t started to think about titles for songs yet, but I do think the things you have said are smart. Ps: If I get famous, when I grow up, I’ll donate to here. Lol!

Comment #2 (Posted by Jessica)

Hey; I’m having trouble writing a song for my boyfriend. I have so much on my mind that I don’t know where to start. I want him to enjoy it but for it to have meaning & make him think. I don’t normally have trouble with songs. I’ve been writing since I was 10 years old. Thanks for the tips 🙂 Keep up the good work.

Comment #3 (Posted by Tracy L. Gordon)

In my own experience with composing music for piano with accompaniment, I have discovered that the mood that I want to express will dictate many important aspects of the composition, e.g. choosing minor 5ths and 7ths chords to relate the darker, inner emotions. More often than not, for me, the basic structure of this “newborn” audio painting and the emotions or pictures, scenes or inner life that it’s chord progressions stimulate will tell me it’s name, which is usually that last thing I do in creating a work.

If your piece evokes an emotion, especially the one you were going for, the work is probably as complete as it should be. It’s all too easy to want to continue “tweaking” it’s sound, but this is like overthinking an emotion- which can destroy it by taking it from your “gut” to your head. And we all know how music is successful when it is felt.

Comments on how to write a song.

Comment #4 (Posted by Natasha)

I like the tips! but, im having a pretty rough time when it comes to putting words together for a song!

Comment #5 (Posted by Tiffany Smith)

I really like writing but I never have time to write any songs, but I try to write them and they come out really good thanks to you.

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