How to Write a Love Song


by Mantius
(St Lucia)

Submit your best tips on How to Write a Love Song here. What lyrics/topics are best for a love song? How about the music? From what angle should such a song be written? Share your knowledge on various techniques for writing a love song below.

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by: Euphoria

I like to imagine the atmosphere first,
like in the movies or music video, or even think about the expression of the singer while singing a hit love song from the past. It helps the melody line emotionally, even if you have no chords to jam on.

I disagree
by: Mona-Lee

It doesn’t always have to rhyme, as long as the msg comes through…. You can even have the rhyme in an unexpected place – for example:
Beating feet between streets,
Going nowhere fast.
The words “flowing” and “going” rhymes even though the one is right after the other! Your msg is coming through and it’ll sound great in a song if it’s in th right spot!

New example:
“It’s been fun in Rome,
Now I want to go back”

People will expect you to say “home” instead of “back” but it means exactly the same thing. In the listeners ears the lines rhyme since that was the idea they had in the first place.

If you write a song, you don’t have to stick to the rules of poetry. A song is poetry and art mixed together. (same as when you look at an artist like Jackson Pollock – abstact and just colours, no picture!) Same thing.

Please use your talents and go with your instinct!!!

how to write a love song
by: kaitlynn dressendorfer

Try something slow but not boring fast but not lightning add some spark and go real detailed. how did you feel. what did you do. listen to your favorite love songs listening is an easy trick but dont try to be to much alike mix them up slow and fast soft and hard(not like metal hard) just think about it.

family problems
by: kimberly

how do you write a song about family problems?

Midnight butterflies
by: Zachary Larson

writing a song is tough. My suggestion would be to mix it up. You want everything to blend together. Sure, rhyming might sound cool, but you want a balance. Always have a chorus. Repetition will make the listener understand your point you want to get across, but balance it out with the rest of the lyrics. If you find yourself playing the same chords over and over again, you might want to find a turnaround (different set of chords) that will spice it up a little bit. When i play, i like to think of a circle with the CHORDS (not the words). but playing that circle over and over again makes it to easy to predict your song.When you think of writing lyrics, write what you have to say, don’t do what other people want, you are the artist, not them. The most important thing i can suggest is to practice ALOT. I made a rule that if i wanted to create a good song, i had to play it fifty times before i presented it. However, everyone is different. Say exactly what you want to say and go all out 🙂 good luck!

go for broke
by: Michael Gallagher

i have only been writing for a few years when i turned 12 i wrote my best song and no one believed me that it was mine don’t let other people trample your sense of creativity or your drive for writing

song writing as a craft
by: tommyg

I have been writing songs for a number of years now. Sometimes a melody may come to me from a chord progression. Or, I might hear a line spoken by someone regarding a topic of discussion, and I began with a title. From there, I develop a story line. However, a love song is primarily about emotion. A great love song will deliver a melody that will carry the message and the emotion straight to its audience who and wherever they are.

Love Song
by: Amy

write about stuff that happened in your life or to others. you want to keep it original at all times. if you are writing a song for a crush or something, tell them how so feel inside and you don’t need to rhyme it right off the bat. think about how you feel when you are with that person and go from there.

For example:
‘You make me laugh longer
You make me smile stonger
Food tastes better
Let’s make this last forever!’

You see, it’s simple yet speaks a thousand words because it came from my mind. It is about having a great time in a relationship

Another example:
‘I’m standing here
But you notice her
Now I fear
I’m losing you
Was faithful so
What did i do?
I’m so confused’

See, that is when you are afraid someone will break up with you. There are different sides of a love song.

‘i’m losing it
with you on my mind
i am lost
where will i find
Thinking bout you day and night
Me and you feels so right
Can’t you see it?’

That is the point of view where you have a crush on someone.

‘just keep on walking
just keep on talking
but you’ll never ever ever
be with me
Blah blah about me know, how i’m so wonderful, let me know when you let go of me’

thats when you don’t like the person thats crushing on you. there are other points like cheating, liking someone with a boyfriend/girlfriend you know.

My tips on how to write a love song.
by: Damian Meza

In order to fully understand the concept of writing a perfect love song. You must have experience in love or being in love. It’s a very easy process. Here are my three steps to writing a perfect love song. Step(1) Gather all your deep feelings that you have scattered in your heart. Step(2) Begin the process of putting those feeling’s onto a notepad. Step(3) Begin putting them into a detailed story of your love life.

Transform your deepest feelings into the ‘best’ emotional lyrical context
by: Anonymous

This is a hard one is you never experienced the feeling of love, be it for a person (internal) or external( some object, or nature, your environment)

The basic concept is to transform your inner feelings, put them into words and form the ‘correct’sentence(s), thus making ur sentences(lyrical)line.
There is absolutely no need for ryhming these sentences in the end; your words must reflect your emotions in the best way u can.
The musical arrangement(melody, instruments) will be the foundation to support the message of your song.
The chorus is not necessary, BUT it will surely CONTRIBUTE to emphasize the core message of your song!
In this way there will be a strong hook for your listener.

Use word economics, i mean by that : ‘dont make your sentences to long’, better keep your sentence somewhat short with a strong message ( by using emphasizing, tension and contradiction) in your lines and verse(s)

Listen a lot to top love songs out there, so many good songs have been written. There you should learn a lot.

Good luck

From the heart
by: Anonymous

I find that a great love song is straight from the heart. Good descriptive words are included to gain audience attenrtion. Use different pitches and try different tunes until you find the right one. Make it interesting and add flavour. It doesnt have to rhyme. You could have different words.
“I am stuck here in Rome,
I dont feel like going back.”
People will automatically think you were about to say “home”. It gives them reason to listen.
I say Good-luck & I hope you make a great love song (:

out of the friend zone
by: lover boy 91

I am 20 years old, have bin playing guitar for 12 yrs and singing for about 5 yrs. Ive known this girl almost my whole life, have bin close best freinds with her for about 4 years. we just started dating like 2 weeks ago and i wanna write a great song for her.
ive writin only one love song that im proud of, it just came to me and had it finished in like an hour.
The best time to get your ingredients for a love song is when your still in the moment. ex you just kissed for the first time so how does that make you feel inside? she just told you her true feelings vice versa. head in the clouds? feel like fainting? could stay in thier arms forever? butterflies smothering your heart?? good luck

my way of writing a song
by: Anonymous

what i like to do is on the verses
i try to sound negative but in the chorus, i pour my heart out for example:
verse 1:
shouldn’t have gone to your shows
shouldn’t have given you those
should have walked away
should have never look that way
but without a breath,i fell in love with you
without a breath,i found myself longing for you

kind of get the idea?

No Right Way, No Wrong Way
by: Mabel (:

I think that writing a song-about love or not-all depends on how you feel. There is no particular way to write a song. Some of the best songwriters pour out all of their feelings into a song and never even stop to think about how it sounds. When I write a song, I imagine that I had the opportunity to tell that person everything I’ve ever felt. Just go with your gut and write how you feel! Good Luck! <3



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