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Every aspiring songwriter wants to learn how to write a hit song. But it’s something that takes time. Although if you’re lucky you can make it big very fast. Remember all it takes is one song.

Rewrite your song.

It is very important to go over your song and make changes. You do not have to do this right away. After a few days, weeks or even months, you can go back to that song and make changes you feel are necessary in its lyrics, melody, and chord progression. Sometimes changing one line in your chorus is all that’s necessary to add that extra punch to your song. This has worked well for me.

How to write a song: music software.

You can facilitate the songwriting process by laying hold of some good songwriting software. These include software like Lyricist, Masterwriter and Band In A Box. I highly recommend these songwriting tools.

If you’re interested in learning how to write a hit song you must be prepared to spend money on your craft. Whether in the form of music softwaremusical instruments, or recording studio equipment.

What we’ve talked about here are guidelines you can follow. There are no rules. There are many other ways to approach songwriting. Be sure to bookmark this site for future reference or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

How to Write Songs: Songwriting Hooks.

In this section I want to focus on what is known as a hook. I looked up the definition of hook and the one which really caught my attention was “a means of catching or ensnaring; a trap.” Another definition was ” a device used to sustain, drag, catch, or fasten something else.” These are of course, general definitions. But for the purpose of songwriting hooks, these definitions also apply.

How to write songs – songwriting hooks

A good song hook would be able to catch the listener’s attention despite all competing distractions. If she is listening to the radio, she will not want to change channels. She will want to listen from start to finish, because the hook “drags” her along.

A good song hook will sustain the listener’s attention so much that she will probably wake up singing your song. She will be humming it throughout the course of the day. It will be on her mind so much that she will even call the radio to request it. She will be “trapped”.

How to write hit songs for the radio

If you want your song played on the radio, you had better start thinking of some good hooks. Songs on the radio are hook driven because they achieve just what radio stations try to do – to stop you from changing stations.

Personally, I have decided to spend more time trying to come up with good songwriting hooks. Because really and truly, it’s all about the hook. The hook is the most memorable phrase in your song. It is most important. The other parts of your song simply support it.

A good song hook will be easy to recognize. Your listener will know it from hearing your song once, or even halfway through the song. Your listener will as a result be able to request your song by title.

Here’s a restaurant analogy…

It’s like eating at a restaurant. People usually order according to the meat they want. A meal may including vegetables, salad, rice and so on, but you would probably place your order as lamb, chicken, or steak. When writing your song, focus on the “meat” people want, i.e. the songwriting hook. Give them more meat than anything else because this is where their focus lies.

When writing your songs, try to make them simple. Less is more. Remember you are not writing for musicians. Your general audience doesn’t even know what a chord is. As long as your song touches them emotionally and they can sing along to it they will love it.

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