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What are your best tips for writing a Hip Hop Song? Please let us know below. Share your best tips on writing a Hip Hop song with aspiring songwriters. Thanks for your participation.

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May 04, 2010 Tips
by: Yung B
Well I am an up and coming hip hop artist right now so i know from experience that its hard for songwriting. Im only 16 so dont think its impossible to be too young for this. Songwriting doesnt come easy for anyone whether your 16 like me or 36. Some tips are think of whats going on in your life right now and write about that. That is the easiest thing to write about! Also think of whats going on around you and your opinions on that. Rhyming is good but too much rhyming is bad-thats a big key point. Have a creative mind a have fun with it. If you guys have dreams of becoming a hip hop artist like i did, then dont give up on it. Songwriting comes from YOUR head and YOUR heart.

May 14, 2010 trust in your audience
by: cacey
have trust in your adience if you are not sure uf you should trust them don’t share your work with them it’s easy!!

May 23, 2010 song writing
by: Anonymous
help i am having trouble writing a song and its realy hard cuz i dont know where to start ive never had trouble with writing a song before im so stumped

May 24, 2010 Re: “Stumped”
by: Prava Recordings
If you’re stuck in writing a song, you need to walk away from it. At least for a little while. All too often we try to force things to work, even when they don’t–and in my experience there is no reason to dwell on a concept that just isn’t working.

Move on to something else and come back to the one you’re stuck on later. Maybe you don’t have the right inspiration at the moment, or quite possibly the song just doesn’t work and this is your brain’s way of showing you that.

May 30, 2010 how to write country songs
by: Anonymous
what is a best way to write a country song

Jun 11, 2010 my life that changed
by: nicole renee
i dont have money to buy a book how to write a asong and so i came to this and i barley can write a song now thanks a lot

Jun 21, 2010 Here is some help!
by: Anonymous
If you really love music you will do great! Think of times in your life. Family , Marrige , Kids , Your parents. Think Of a time that you could talk for hours about that will get you a long way! Good luck!

Jun 24, 2010 HELP!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous
My friends and I are having trouble writing a song!! We need major help because we want to become famous!!!!!! Thanks!!!! 🙂

Jul 07, 2010 stylish
by: Anonymous
hello i wrote a song and all i have to do is give it a good title and oractice it

Jul 10, 2010 songwriting tips
by: jbk195
you dont need a book or any thing to write a song. the best thing to do if you want to writ a song is sit somewhere quiet with a guitar,paper and a pen. then think of somthing you want to write about EX: love

once you have it then write it like a story but in rythem with your guitar DONT GIVE UP i know Ethan Smith and thats how he told me

Aug 03, 2010 Help
by: Miss C
I love music and I got some of my own songs that i have written just don’t know if they are good enough…

Aug 16, 2010 Help
by: Dj Freaky
Hi guys my name is Dj Freaky i resently just start making my own rythms on the computer but i just cant find my own lyrics, If tried over and over but they just ont come :0 ant help would be appreciated 🙂
you can check my site out on youtube 🙂 my name is TheHomeProducers

Aug 18, 2010 Reply to King Mike
by: Anonymous
Need help on writing a chorus. Its about fighting over a girl with my friend, we’re both in the song.

Sep 11, 2010 My tips
by: Frank
Well I’m Frank and I’m 14 years old. I think the number one tip on writing a rap song is being yourself. Don’t rap about fast cars and money if you don’t have that. Rap about things about you, whether that be growing up in an inner city or not having a father in your life. For example, I write about real things in my life, like growing up with lots of crime and bad influences, and not having my dad in my life. Another thing, where you live often affects the way you sing and write songs, so try to write songs in the style of your region or state, like me, I’m from the Midwest, so my lyrics are often fast paced and dark. Don’t trash the city where you live, if you don’t like it, don’t rap about it! For some reason, that really bothers me. That’s all I can think of really.

Sep 21, 2010 help me some one plez
by: alex
how can i write a good song each and every time i writeone it nerver turns out please comment soon thank you so much

Mar 03, 2011 IM SO LYRICAL
by: Hunter1#Rapper
when your writing a rap song give it time, write along to a beat or jot down a few lines and keep reading it over and over and saying it in your head and think about the next logical phrase , bar or word, also an investment into a rhym dictionary would be good. read poetry and book, ANYTHING youl be rapping in no time… BUT ! remeber youl never be as good as meee. see yall when im on top, look out for my album droping

R.Hunter#1 aka Leo

Jul 09, 2011 Learn the mood of the song
by: Anonymous
um just get into the mood that the said hip hop song is about and just feel the mood and think about a subject until a line comes out of it, rhyme with it and keep going until you get stuck then repeat, that’s what i always do, and with a lot of revisions, they normally turn out really cool

Aug 08, 2011 tip
by: Anonymous
Im 15 and currently working on my first album..
The easiest way to write a rap is to sit somewhere quiet and focus, it takes time…
Listening to current artists of the same style as you also helps, and try and use word play and similies for example ‘No footie, i ball’ or relate to other artists etc for example a line in one of my songs is ‘ I put on for my city, no im not jeezy..yeah my money young,but not quite weezy’…keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it 🙂

Also you can talk about material things if you can make them fit, soo another example of one of my songs is ‘i wanna be a millionaire, fast cars limozenes, but before that i wanna fulfil my dreams, be an A student, the star of the team, rise above the limits that were set for me’
get it?
I’m not the best, but I’m learning :)… never give up on your dream..hope this helps!

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