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Write verses and chorus.

The next thing is to write lines that are relevant to the title. First of all, ask questions. Let’s say you think of a title like “You Deserve It” (one of my original songs). Ask

questions like “Who deserves it?”, “What does the person deserve?”, “Why does the person deserve it?”. The song should be very interesting. Just follow your feelings. Then make a list of words, images or phrases that relate to this title. Write as many words as you can think of without paying any attention to rhyme at this point.

Learning how to write a good song takes time. Spend time studying the songwriting craft.

People like songs that tell a story. This is one of my favorite kinds of songs. I like songs that are meaningful. I like writing songs that people can relate to. Many songs become hits because people can fit themselves into what the artist is singing about. He is singing about their own experiences.

Sometimes the verses come first, sometimes it’s the chorus. But the chorus is particularly important. This is where the hook of the song lies. This is what will hook people. Make your chorus very catchy. Make it easy for people to be able to sing or recite. Use repetition. Your chorus sets the foundation and your verses build upon it. Ensure that your song demonstrates consistency in thought. Your thoughts shouldn’t be scattered all over the place.

How to write a good song: Keep it simple.

Use simple, everyday words so that the average person can understand and identify with your song.

Sometimes I just play a chord progression and I let the words write themselves. I just let the words flow from my imagination without trying to force anything. Instead of writing words and trying to cram them into the melody, I try to ensure that they fit emotionally and rhythmically within the song. That way the song becomes more digestible for listeners.

Pick a Ghost Song and Write Your Own Song

A great way to write your own song is by using a ghost song.

If you’re just starting out, an easy way to write lyrics would be to use a hit song as a ghost song. Choose a song that fits the mood you want for the song you’re writing. Write new words to the melody of the song. Later on you will give the song your own melody.

If you have some basic skills on the keyboard or guitar it will be easier to write melodies and chord progressions. If you do not have these skills as yet, consider taking a few lessons. You can hire a music teacher or you can check out an online course. Songwriters don’t need to be experts at their instrument. Knowing a few basics chords is sometimes all that is necessary to write your own song.

In the meantime how about writing your song melody on your favorite chord progressions? Yes. You can use existing chord progressions in your song. Chord progressions cannot be copyrighted. In fact many of the biggest hits follow the same chord progressions and people never notice.

There are no rules as to what should come first, whether lyrics or melody. Some songwriters find it easier to write the melody first and then write corresponding lyrics. You should stick to what you are more comfortable with. If you’re not good at lyric writing, you should write your chords and melody first and then work with a collaborator. You don’t have to try and do everything yourself.

Although no one can teach you how to write a great melody you can use tricks like repetition and variation to write one that is memorable. But don’t overdo it lest you bore the listener.

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