How to Write a Christmas Song


by Mantius
(Saint Lucia)

Tips on how to write a Christmas song

So Christmas is almost here and many songwriters are in the process of writing or looking to write Christmas songs. This kind of song can be written in almost every genre.

Please share with us your best tips on writing a Christmas song. This can go a long way in assisting aspiring and even more accomplished songwriters looking for fresh ideas.

Share your best tips and ideas on how to write a Christmas song below.

Comments for How to Write a Christmas Song

by: Jeremy

Think of what aspect of Christmas you want to write about and what genre you think would be best and go for it. Remember to write the music first and then add words. In a Christmas song don’t play too many minor notes or chords as this is a happy time of year.

Good Luck

by: Barry

Remember that people like to sing along to Christmas songs. Keep the structure simple and try to include a few good hook-lines that people with remember.

Santa’s Big Rig
by: Braden

Pick up an idea from anything you see or hear relating to the season.
I saw a commericial about a truck landing on top of a house and wrote the song called Santa’s Big Rig.
It’s about Santa having too many gifts for his sleigh, and having to park his reindeer. It is in the country bluegrass genre. The biggest secret to writing a song is to write. An idea is nothing until it is written.
Always save your lyrics on some form of media other than the hard drive of your computer.

Think about the time of year
by: Lizzie

Think about the time of year. It is a happy time that involves friends. Maybe write a song with a friend. Being with a friend could be good because of all the good ideas. It could also inspire you to think happy and be cheerful. Try reading the Christmas story again in Luke 2: 1-20. Think about the things that God has given up for you and to save you from your sins. He was born into a nasty manger to die for for you and your sins. God has given up lots for you think about that. (you can also watch the Polar Express)



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