How to write a break up song


by Mantius Cazaubon
(New York, USA)

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Our topic for the week is – How To Write A Break Up Song.

Have you ever written a break up song? What are your best tips on how to write one? Share your thoughts with aspiring songwriters on how to write a break up song. Even professional songwriters may be able to benefit from the songwriting tips you share.

You can share tips on writing break up songs in any genre.

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How to write a break up song
by: Anonymous

The best time to write a break up song is when you are going through a break up. A breakup gives rise to feelings that are unlike any other. Breaking up has been compared by some to death, except that the person is still alive. When a relationship ends you start to see everything in a different light and are very conscious of your feelings.

Simply write about the way you feel. Write from the heart. Write about what you miss the most and how you want your ex back, if that is the case. Apologize to your ex if this is what you feel.

Maybe you are the one who ended the relationship and would never go back with your ex. Write about it. You can write about what you hated about your ex.

If you are not currently going through a break up, flash back to one you may have had and write about it. Just let your feelings flow. Have you healed? How have you healed? What have you learned?

Listen to break up songs for ideas but express your own feelings.

by: Sun Ballet

The most important thing to consider in writing a break up song is that it is still a song for others to hear. The issue I find in a lot of artists’ break up songs is that it is dreadfully boring. Keep the energy, keep the contrast, and keep the colorful language, because while it may be exactly what you’re feeling, you aren’t the first person to write a breakup song. Find an interesting way to say what you are feeling that still appeals to an audience.

For instance, in the use of metaphors and figurative language to describe the ended relationship. Don’t be the one millionth writer to compare it to fire and ice. Think of details, things that apply only to this relationship, make it very personal, because people are drawn to honesty. Don’t be overly whiny or nonchalant about the break up. If you didn’t care one way or another, then it’s going to be tougher for you to compose a song about it. I also find it’s best to include both sides of the argument, good and bad in a relationship. Cover all of the ground but have a point.

Be Different
by: Andrew Hartnet

A million songs have been written in the same manner, about this same subject. There are songs about the fighting, and the wanting the ex back, and the ex leaving and you don’t know why. So focus on writing something different. Refreshing songs that still ring close to home are always nice to hear.

Pointers of break up song
by: I♥Cupcakes

Well although it seems tragic to write a break up song its actually not. Just because you’ve been through a breakup doesn’t mean your life is over. Write about how it happened get the anger and frustration of your break up out and into a song of hatred for that person. It may seem impossible but have no fears the key to break up songs is here.

Break up song
by: Me

1. Get your heart broken, buy some hard alcohol and get drunk, start crying and sing.

2. Don’t forget to record the entire sad sob session! You may not remember it the next day!

3. Sober up, review the recording and arrange your song!


Breakup songs
by: Anonymous

If you were ever in a relationship rite about that. I am 12 and Ive been writing since I was 5. Because Ive never been in a relationship I listen to other music and just see how artist use different words to express breakups. I also sometimes watch movies and see how people handle their breakups such as: they cry, they say that they never need that person they broke up with, or they walk away and try to make it look as if they dont care and then cry. I hope you use these tips in the future! 😀

Parellel Lines
by: Isaac Nathan Fahrenheit

this is quite easy to handle.
1. Write about what brought you guys together in the first place

2. Write about what puts you guys apart

3. Write about the perpendicular line that connects these two parallel lines

4. Build your hook on the contrast.

by: Shadow

The lyrics should come from your heart and what you care about not something stupid don’t compromise on your work to much. Now think about how you feel about something recent like a break up or the sameness of your life or family problemsYou need to be able to write what you feel comfortable with and the feelings will flow it just might take a while to write. you might need to be in a certain state of mind to do it though.
Work on WHAT your Best At and branch AWAY from THERE.basically talk about the bad things in life and there you go you of course can put a little good stuff and for emotional stuff talk about stuff that happened recently and is important to you for the emotional connection.
If you want help with matching music with lyrics use a chord finder.
You should write the songs yourselves it gives you the connection with the song and how you’re supposed to feel during it. Showing your feelings in a song draws the audience into the song and music the same goes for a good story.
Basically this style puts depth into your lyrics, Instead of blasting sounds of gore and death.
If you tell yourself that you’re going to write a metal song with metal lyrics you are putting your musical talents into a small corner same for breakup music.
Back to songs yes you write to dark but sometimes dark works you just need the right music to go with it. HERE’S A SAMPLE OF MY LYRICS

Cause one day soon everything you love will die
I just hope it’s not today
but maybe later on we’ll realize that everything that dies will come back to us someday…

Break Up song strategies
by: Anonymous

Break up songs are easiest when you are going through a break up. Simple. For me, it is easiest to just get on an instrument and start singing, but having an idea beforehand helps.

Break up
by: Cookie Monster

today i experienced a breakup and its the worst feeling you feel sick and when i got home all these lyrics came out of my mouth and they were very catchy so make sure you have paper ready for that next big thing.

Song writing steps
by: Anonymous

I’m helping my friend get into a studio and she needs to write a song. Well what I would do is listen to a couple of songs and write some ideas down. Next I would start express ur feelings even if it’s rap or even I break up one. And then see what u can do with those Ideas and put them together. And the. Shoot for the stars.

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