How to Build a Recording Studio


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So you’ve already got that computer? What you need now is some recording software. Some recording software work only on Mac computers, some work only on PCs, while some will work on either. So in this discussion of how to build a recording studio we shall take a look at a few popular pieces of recording studio software, as well as the platforms they work on.

If you’ve got a PC or are thinking of getting one, a popular choice is the windows compatible Cakewalk Sonar studio recording software. Steinberg Cubase SX recording software can be used with both Macintosh and Windows. Another top pick would have to be Apple Logic Pro – this is only for mac users. Logic is not developed on the PC platform anymore. Digital Performer is one of the best. Pro Tools is another popular choice. Anyone of these recording software will do.

To continue answering your question on how to build a recording studio, I’d say that the next thing you require would have to be a conventional sound card or audio interface, as well as a MIDI interface. (More and more musicians are choosing audio interfaces instead of standard soundcards.) Forget about the sound card that your computer came with. When it comes to recording, it is not professional and just won’t do. The audio interface replaces your sound card and takes care of all of the computer’s audio functions.

I use the M Audio Delta 4 audio interface, and for MIDI, I use Midiman USB Uno. There are many options where that is concerned so you may want to look around. But this is what works for me right now and I recommend it.


I now have a different set-up. Read about my current home studio set-up.

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