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by Mantius
(St Lucia)

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Apr 17, 2010 True Storys
by: Stacey Smith

Try Writing about true storys , like your ow life and what your going through, its something that helps the most. As a very young songwriter its mostly easy for me because I still have questions that I can use in my writing. Always use ‘I love you ‘ in a love song. You dont have to its just that people will understand it better as a love song.

Apr 20, 2010 Songwriting
by: Anonymous

when writing a song you can have hidden meaning in it. What i mean by that is you can write about a song that sounds like it is a song about love for example but than to you it means something completely different. Also although they come from the heart when you write from personal experiences you don’t always have to use that to inspire you to write a song. You can write about a storyline of a book that you have read or maybe something you have seen like a movie or tv show. you can put your self in somebody else’s situation and write about it as if you are that person going through it.

these are just some of the things i do wen i write songs they are just ideas you don’t have to use them

by: Anonymous

I have been writing songs for awhile now and one of my best 2 songs are AWSOME!1! but as always nobody can publish them cause im young and have been interested for about 8 to 9 years now and ur probley like WOW but if u put ur mind to it and dont give up u can do it one of my songs took me like almost a year and it worked off it was worth it all my friends love d it 1111 and IF U THINK U CANT DO IT THEN DO IT BUT GO in a quiet room and no load noises and no talking or radio or tv ya u think radio might help but it wont trust me cause things will pop out and say something dumb like I WALK IN A ROOM then somithing pops up and keep saing it while recoding or writing and boom or BAM just like tht ull be or can b efamous 11111 and TRUST me it is so worth it u ll whol LIFE will chage THANKS FOR READING AND HOPE UR BIG DREAMS COME TRUE I BET THEY WILL :)!1111!!11

Jun 10, 2010 Emotion In Song
by: Under The Guillotine

A suggestion I have is to experience all the different emotional states you can, i.e. being angry about something, a heartbreak, being in love, etc. Whatever you do though, do not write a song that is meant to hurt someone because it can lead you to trouble. Keep your songs anonymous and full of emotion.

Jul 16, 2010 Be yourself
by: Carly

when you right a song be yourself don’t ever listen to what anyway one says listen to your heart right a song from you heart and not from your head when your right a song right away it doesn’t make a differ if you right whats in the inside not the outside you can right about a bad day at school or your crush or even your feelings about someone o something and if you don’t like someone you can make it an angrey song what ever you want to right aout that caouse from your feelings your heart just not what anyone wants you to be be who YOU are here is a good line to get you started if you have a crush: If i could make love twisted i would but i can’t so i have to deal with conaquenses. There you go! hope you enjoy writing songs a much as i do!

– Carly Patterson

Jul 30, 2010 Whatever you have in your mind put it down.
by: Eugene Mason

When I write my lyrics I put down the first things that come up to mind. That could be if you’ve just had a good or a bad day. Then, when you have everything down, you can tweakit to your liking.

Sep 21, 2010 Masterpiece
by: Robin Doak

When writing a song never think you have created your Masterpiece, always say to yourself that i can create a better song, but never think “this is my Masterpiece, i will never write anything better than this” because you will always create better and more brilliant songs than the last. keep at it and focus on what you love doing. i dont write songs for money, if i feel my songs will inspire poets, crowd’s etc… to do what they love doing… then thats my fortune there, not money.

Oct 13, 2010 Be Yourself
by: Your Name Here

It matters most whether your yourself, or someone your not in your songs. Most people like honest songs which tell about their loves, feelings and what has happened before they wrote it. So be yourself and the song will come flowing out of your mind.

Oct 19, 2010 tip for destiny/life songs
by: Anonymous

when you write a rock song you can say the song as in encouraging someone to be more and more confident to improve life. for example- keep the faith, think that you can do it, be confident. and remember the song should be a bit rhyming for it to be more interesting for people to read.add the main lines of the song in a fast tune . use words like destination, spirit , confidence etc.start the song with slow tune and end it with a fast one .thank you . hope my tip would help you.

by: Anonymous

if you want to write a nice song , be sure to make it a bit rhyming, you can gt ideas from other songs too. use words like- destination, consideration,etc.use some encouraging lines.it will sound good. to find tips about poetry log on to
www.poetry.com . THANK YOU ! 🙂

Nov 01, 2010 my opinion
by: Anonymous

if u think your song is good than it is . iF it came from the heart than it is truely excellent.

Nov 17, 2010 Want a good tip? Look here
by: Anonymous

A good thing to do when your writing a song, is to pick a theme. Then get words that go with that theme. Then you are 1 step more ahead to writing a song.

Dec 20, 2010 Songwriting Tip
by: Bri

When you write a song, it’s best to write about your own experiences. It’s easier that way and it’ll make it more real for the listener.

Dec 27, 2010 my tips
by: James Montgomery

I’m starting an electronic metal band and every time i write lyrics it doesn’t happen when I try and force it. Just go about your life normally but the second you feel an emotion describe it in words and save it as a draft in your phone, this guarantees you wont lose it. listen to as many kinds of music as you can an hybrids of different types like linkin park. These will let your emotions work into their own sound and won’t be forced into a genre they don’t belong, half of my lyrics could never be used in my band, but the more you write the better you get

Jan 01, 2011 Top Three Songwriting Tips
by: Anonymous

99% of the time songwriting is a difficult thing to do, but if it’s what you love; stick to it. ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS write from your feelings/experiences in life. If you feel happy, go with it! Lastly always fix up your songs. The first time around is never as good as fixing it up. A lot of this is reapeats but it’s some of the best tips I know. They’ve helped me out a lot.

Feb 25, 2011 the heart
by: sara

u should write from the heart i like to lisen to love story by Taylor swift before i start good luck

Mar 01, 2011 becoming a singer
by: stephanie

if u want to be a singer jus follow your dream and keep trying hard don’t just leave it to waste because when u see someone else take your place you will just feel down and there will be nothing you can do about it because then you will want to start trying to take your place from that person but you won’t be able to reach that person’s standrd level. please use my example to the best of your ability.

Jun 13, 2011 wordplay etc..
by: johnn

use wordplay, metaphores, self-coined terms etc.. something which will show the listener how you look at or approach the theme on which you focus.

Jul 04, 2011 I’ll keep it short!!!
by: Justine

Most people write songs and write them about similar things to what the stars have but they’ve only written about what they feel so you should do that too – write what you feel!

Jul 28, 2011 $$$
by: Any Mouse

These tips are ridiculous. Tip number two is: “stop thinking about money”. Obviously money is all the creator of this site was thinking about judging by the number of ads on each page.

Aug 31, 2011 Eminems style
by: Anonymous

Stock up. Read the dictionary alot. Have as many words as you can at your disposal. Keep all your rhymes on paper near by when writing so you can use your best ones

Sep 23, 2011 best advice I could give
by: Chelsea Baby Aragon

assume always you’re on camera

Mar 19, 2012 How to start your songwrting process effectively
by: Terrace @ Lyricwritingtips.com

Every songwriting process for every songwriter will be different but the one thing that sets all the professional hit songwriters and the novice songwriters apart, are some small “beginning steps” before they begin really digging into the lyrics.

One thing that every songwriter needs to start with is a “Concept” or storyline. This is the topic and story that follows that topic. example: If I want to write about a saturated topic like “Love”, I can find a narrowed idea about love i can use that people can “relate to” (it’s important you pick universal concepts, so people can relate to you or the performer introducing your work) in this case I’m going to use the concept “A person not being into me as much as I’m into them”. Of course most songwriters would take that little bit of information and make a song out of it but there is more narrowing down to do to make sure your song is as thought out as possible.

Apr 19, 2012 Songwriting from the heart is always beautiful and never artificial.
by: Arron Tweedie

Hello, and good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Foremost, I would like to briefly say that I am a new participant of this website, and after having perused some of the content, I think this is an excellent website for those who possess the commendable talent of harnessing the songwriting craft. I elected to start pursuing songwriting one year prior, and to the present day I have amassed 27 songs, 3 album consisting of nine songs (country and rock) all of which I am extremely proud of. Please note that I am exclusively a songwriter as my vocal caliber is simply insufficent to cast my messages. I never knew that I would ever possess such a talent.

In line with the aforementioned, as I write my songs I always speak to the inner me; my heart and my soul to help me unlock mesmorizing songwriting potential. When I speak to my heart the product is always beautiful and absolutely exceeds my expectations with every verse, chorus line and bridge that I write. The wonderful thing about writing your creations from your heart is that they are never artificial; they are true as blue, they are who you are. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Aug 03, 2012 Verse 2
by: Ben krahne

Some good stuff here
Once you have v1 and chorus on paper
its time for v2, it has to continue the story
like a book. Always fill the verse’s so it points to the chorus

Aug 06, 2012 Look at Your Popular Song Lyrics on Paper
by: Anonymous

Look at the Lyrics of some popular songs laid out in front of you on paper or computer screen.
Very often songs consist of 2 Verses, maybe 3, a Chorus and usually, but not always, Bridge. Don’t over complicate and feel you have to fill a whole page with 5 verses.

Use imagery. Jimi Hendrix was such a master of this. Colors, Adjectives…Visuals

Been said so many times before but, The Hook (Musical, Lyrical or Both)is SO important!

…and for gawd sakes don’t confuse song writing for poetry..unless maybe you’re Bob Dylan…maybe…

Seaside Jimmy DiLorenzo

Aug 06, 2012 Tie It Together
by: Anonymous

The Verses and Chorus need a common thread.

The verse should point to, or lead to, the chorus in some common thread that will be evident to the listener.

Start the Song with the Chorus. Make it interesting right off the bat.

Learn all the rules before you break them.

Seaside Jimmy DiLorenzo

Aug 06, 2012 Good Info
by: Ben Krahne

It looks like everyone has a common thread here on a chorus.
Now we just need to follow through with the knowledge we’ve learned. That”s just as important as learning , even more I would say.


Feb 23, 2013 songwriting tip
by: Jade Andrews

You just need to listen to your heart. I write songs mainly about fave tv shows by using my heart and opinion but I do not them with others but may want to. Just try it and let me know if it helped either here or facebook- Jade Andrews

Mar 26, 2013 Sing what you feel passionate about
by: Anonymous

Look within yourself and find what you feel passionate about. You find that you sing better about something you believe in

Mar 26, 2013 Don’t hide it
by: Music lover

Yes, store hidden messages but don’t hide it to much. Plus make sure your song involves something most of us can relate to. For instance a love song can be about how our heart beats faster when we see him/her. Remember, if its not in yourself, don’t write it

Mar 26, 2013 Listen to what people say
by: Music lover

If your stuck try using things people around you say. Sorry it’s so short



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