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For buying electronic music software online, I highly recommend zZounds. Their prices are among the best I’ve found, their service is superb and they have a wide range of software products to choose from. You will find software of the highest quality at this online store. If you’re on a budget you can always look into the cheaper alternatives.

There are a number of music software categories here so you will have to select the correct one.

Firstly, there is a category known as Sequencers for Digital Audio, Loops, and MIDI. If you’re looking to record, sequence or produce music, this is the category for you. All the best software on the planet are found here including Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools, Propellerhead Record Reason Duo Bundle for Mac and Windows, Cakewalk Sonar X1, Steinberg Cubase 6, M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered recording software and much more. It makes sense to buy a genuine copy of these software.

People always want to know what is the best software for music production. I’d say it’s a matter of personal taste. Right now the one I use is Cubase 5 and I am very happy with it because of its huge improvement from previous versions. I love how everything is built in. They have included instruments right in the program and I love the presets. You can do everything without getting out of Cubase 5. I’m yet to check out Cubase 6 but intend to do so soon enough.

I love buying software that my musician/producer friends use in case I run into a problem. I can always message them and ask for advice. Since we use the same software we can help each other. I can start a project on my computer and very easily continue it on theirs since we run the same production software.

Many of my friends use Ableton live to play samples at live performances. As an artiste, I have been backed up using this software and only have good things to say about it. I highly recommend Ableton live.

Make sure you’re well informed before you choose your software. Take time to go through the descriptions and info on the various software, read reviews and buy the one you think best suits your needs.

Another category of electronic music software at zZounds is called Software Synthesizers and Samplers. There you will find software like Native Instruments Maschine Groove production studio, Native Instruments Komplete Software Suite, Toontrack DFH EZ Drummer virtual drum instrument software, Toontrack Superior Drummer software, Propellerhead Reason software, various types of Spectrasonics software and more.

Then there’s an Audio Effects Software category. Software includes Waves SSL 4000 Collection Native, Waves Native Gold Bundle, Waves Native Silver Bundle, iZotope Ozone Analog Modeling, Antares AVOX Evo vocal software, T-Racks and much more.

Whether you want production software, audio effects software, software synthesizers, samplers, DJ software, educational software, notation software or interactive composing software, you can find all the electronic music software you need right here at zZounds.

If you have any problems buying your software at zZounds, for instance if they don’t ship to your country, you can always check out Music123.com or MusiciansFriend.com and search for your software. You will find the same competitive prices and great service you find at zZounds, as they too are leaders in the musical instrument retail.

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