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Ultimatesongwriting.com is a resource for songwriters and musicians. Some of the main topics on this site include

  • How to write songs
  • Songwriting tips
  • Songwriting quotes
  • Lyric writing tips
  • How to build a recording studio
  • Choosing recording studio equipment
  • Music publishing
  • Music software
  • Music business

My name is Mantius Cazaubon. I started this website as far back as 2003. The Internet was new to me then, so this website was my first attempt at sharing my passion for  music online. Since then I’ve created many more websites including Yamaha-Keyboard-Guide.com, SocaFreak.com and Piano-Keyboard-Guide.com.  To date,  most of my sites are on the subject of music.

I am a full-time musician and Internet entrepreneur. Everything I do is rooted in music. The tips I share here are based on the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years. I have learned a lot more on the subject of songwriting since I started this website over ten years ago and I will continually reflect this with new articles and posts. Stay tuned for my updates.

This website is a never-ending project. I am dedicated to providing songwriting tips and help to aspiring songwriters and musicians.

I have recorded over sixty songs and many of them have won music contests in my country, Saint Lucia as well as the Organization of Eastern  Caribbean States (OECS). You can listen to some of my songs in the player below. Some of my chart topping songs include We Making Love, Make A Round, Fire Burn Dem, No Feelings and I Doing A Ting. These songs are from a Caribbean genre of music called Soca. I’ve performed my original
songs in many countries including the USA, Canada, the Virgin Islands and many Caribbean islands to large audiences.

Of the sixty and more songs I’ve recorded, I’ve written hundreds more and co-written with other leading Caribbean artists.

I am a keyboard/piano player and music producer with lots of experience.

The music landscape has changed a lot since 2003. As a result I will reflect this more and more on this website. Much of the old ways of doing things are obsolete. We all know that music sales are almost non-existent and that the music industry seems to be dying. I say “seems” because it certainly isn’t dying. There are many ways of generating income in music. Songwriters and musicians simply need to learn how to adapt.

On this site you will find lots of songwriting tips that you can use. Some of them may be obvious to you but out of the lot you should be able to find many that are very useful and that can inspire you.

Check out UltimateSongwriting.com’s Facebook page here: Facebook.com/ultimatesongwriting and like the page to join a growing community of songwriters and musicians. I hope to communicate with you one on one.

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